Saturday, 18 January 2014

Crochet Creations {VERY easy scarf....}

I wanted to make something for a relative of mine, for Christmas, I plunked with some chunky yarn that I liked, from John Lewis. I thought it came with a pattern, but it was a KNITTING pattern.

So, google was utilised, and I found a chunky scarf pattern - an easy one.

Basically, it is constructed with only chain stitch and slip stitch.


THAT simple.

Not the best piccie, but this is me "modelling" it! 

I didn't time how long it took, but it couldn't have been long.

'Twould have been less, had I not got to the end and realised I made an error half way along, making half the scarf skinnier than the rest.


The joys of crochet - ripping out and redoing.

So, here is the pattern. If you want to try something simple, to begin crochet, this may be the thing for you. Don't forget that for a thicker yarn, you need a bigger hook. I used a 10mm.

If you need some basic instructions for all the crochet stitches, have a look here. I will add this link to my crochet page, as well as one to translate between UK and US terms.

Give it a go!

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