Thursday, 2 January 2014

Walking with Jesus {into the New Year}

On Christmas day, I had a lovely walk with our children, around the village. I had Tabitha in the sling, and an older child pushing the little boys, so I had 2 free hands. I had various children desiring to hold my hand, as we walked along.

I like that my children like to hold my hand, as we walk along. I hope they don't stop being happy holding my hand!

Along the way, Abigail had her turn. She loved holding my hand, and told me so!

Until we came to a point when there was a car in the road, which we needed to walk around. I saw that we would need to go around it, so I started to walk out into the road a little. Abi, however, wanted to walk along the white line, at the side of the road.  So, she began tugging and pulling at my hand to go HER way. "I want to walk THIS way", she said.

"If you want to hold my hand, you need to go the same way as Mummy", I replied.

Needless to say, she went my way! She so wanted to hold my hand, that her desire to go her own way was rejected, in favour of staying with me.

As I think about the New Year, my thoughts are drawn to that moment. If I want to walk with Jesus, I need to resist going my own way, and stay walking with Him. There are times when my sinful nature tugs to go my own way. My fleshly desires can try to pull me away in the wrong direction.

Thankfully, my Saviour is holding onto my hand, just as I was holding onto Abi's. He holds me tightly, and draws me back into His way. My heart needs to be knit with His, however.  I need to turn away from those desires that would pull me away from a close walk with Him, and I need to cheerfully follow Him. My life, if it is to be in step with Christ, needs to be one of following - of walking with Him, side by side. I need to seek God's Word, and find how HE wants me to walk. To search out instruction, in His Word, on the way to go, and how to walk in it. One thing is for certain, if I have a heart that loves the Lord, and that is striving to do right, I will joyfully do the right thing.

Walking with the Lord is not always a smooth path.

It is not always an easy path.

But, it's a rewarding, blessed and joyful one. One that is worth walking. One that we should cheerfully turn from our own ways to walk in.

It's a walk that is one of love. Walking with a loving Saviour, who will support us, help us, lead us, guide us, sustain us.  Which one of us would rather walk in our own ways, than walking with a loving Saviour?

I know what I desire to choose this year. My aim is to strive after a faithful and close walk with the Lord. To hold onto His hand, and not keep pulling off in my own direction. Not to have to have him tugging on my hand, but to have me meekly walking by His side, with joy.

As we walk into 2014 with our Lord, I pray that I can continue to encourage you, as the Lord challenges my heart, and as I can share the blessings the Lord gives me in my life.

Oh, walk with Jesus, wouldst thou know
How deep, how wide His love can flow;
They only fail His love to prove
Who in the ways of sinners rove.
Walk thou with Him, that way is light,
All other pathways end in night.
Walk thou with Him, that way is rest,
All other pathways are unblest.
Oh, walk with Jesus, to thy view
He will make all things sweet and new,
Will bring new fragrance from each flower,
And hallow every passing hour.
Jesus, a great desire have we
To walk life’s troubled path with Thee:
Come to us now, in converse stay:
And, Oh, walk with us day by day.
(Edwin Hood)


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  2. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Loved that, Caroline. Loved the illustration, and the message. Yes, what more do I want that to walk more closely with my Saviour, and that my loved ones would do the same.