Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crochet Creations {first ever bag}

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I am dwelling in a house with ill people.

Ill little people, to be exact.

My patience is sorely tested at such times, but by God's grace, we are getting through!

It's also Susie's birthday, erm, TODAY! (oops - it's late!)

She was my Good Friday baby, SEVEN years ago! Wow, time flies!

For her birthday, she has asked for a Bible.  I have got her a lovely Girl's Bible, with summaries of the books of the Bible, and various other study aids. I pray she reads it much and that she loves the Lord and trusts in Him as her Saviour.

I have also made her a "first".  My first crochet bag! It's not perfect, by any means, but I am hoping that the general rule of "I love it because you made it, Mum" comes into play! Generally, children don't see imperfections, which is a good thing!

She will also get a "Build a Bear" voucher, to add some bear clothes to her collection. (She got a bear for Christmas!).  You can't give a bag with nothing in it, of course!

If you crochet and you have never tried making a bag, I can assure you it was easy! I "borrowed" the concept of the base from a bootee pattern I have, so it's a kind of oblong.  I realise now that I didn't do it quite right, and it ended up curling up more than I planned, but it still works.  I then went for rainbow coloured rows of granny clusters, then some rows of half trebles, finishing off with a few rows of front and back post half trebles.  The strap I did in double crochet stripes, in the rainbow colours - outlined in the blue I used for the base and the top.  As you may have seen in my Mother's Day post, their Sunday outfits are blue, hence the majoring on the blue.

I am generally quite pleased with it, and would like to do some more bags.  I'd like to perhaps line it, but I will give it to her as is, and think about it another day! I would also perhaps think about doing a stronger base, as I am not sure how well it will hold anything too heavy... like, a Bible! We'll see!

So, here it is. In all it's rainbow glory (I know, no orange, but I didn't have an orange I liked!)

It was fun to make, and can't wait for her to get it.  When we have a Sunday birthday, we celebrate on Monday, as Sunday's are the Lord's Day.  We'll have fun on Monday, with presents, cards and maybe a meal out... depends how everyone is.  Currently,  Susie is the one feeling ill with the cold virus, so I am hoping the 24 hour element, of the high temperature and worst time, will be over by Monday so she can enjoy her day. Please pray they all get better soon! Oh, and you can think of me trying to make a UNICORN cake on Monday, as per her request. Fun....

I trust you all have a blessed Lord's Day - I will be staying at home with ill children, again. It's a season, and it will pass. 


  1. Love the bag!! I am sure her auntie needs a matching one !! Xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Anna! I will bear that in mind.....

  3. I love the bag, it's gorgeous. And hey, you came up top when I googled joyful keeper - cool And hopefully this comment will post, as I am on the computer. About to try and see.

  4. Cute! I just read another post with a stripped bag yesterday: