Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {Aging, Adorable and Audible}

Ben and Me

Today, I was invited to join in, and link up with, and ABC's blog link up. I thought it was a great way to inspire me every week, and give me a theme to blog around, so here we go!

Today, we have been celebrating 2 birthdays in our home. Elijah was born on his Daddy's birthday, 4 years ago. FOUR whole years. It really doesn't seem like that long ago, that I was about to have my VBAC. I was determined to not have another c-section (Abi had been an emergency, so theoretically they was no reason why it would happen automatically), and had researched all I could to have a better labouring experience. The Lord answered prayer, and I went into labour naturally, on Robert's birthday, and we realised that, as we had joked about (he was due 5 days before), that he would be born as a Birthday present for his Daddy! The labour was my best I had experienced. It all went smoothly, I coped without pain relief until near the very end, and I delivered with very little pushing and felt amazing straight away! I was handed Elijah, and immediately felt "with it" enough to look at him, and enjoy the moment. I even cut the cord myself, for the first time! That was the birth that made me realise that giving birth didn't have to be long, drawn out, and with endless hours of pushing. It was lovely!

Now, he's 4. I've had 2 more normal deliveries since, including my first home birth last November. Time flies.

My handsome, cute, 4-year old! Oh, with a minion...

Robert was 38 today. 2 years away from FORTY! How did we start getting this OLD??? I remember, as a child, people being 40, and me thinking they were ANCIENT! Yup - that's US now! YIKES!


It happens to us all, from the moment of birth. We often think of "aging" as OLD age - what happens as you start to look OLD. Aging, in fact, is what we are ALL doing, every single day. You can't halt it, stop it, or even truly delay it.  You can try to cover it, slow it down, or pretend it's not happening, but it is.

The Bible talks to us about our life.  It's like a vapour that appears and vanishes.  It's like a tale that is told.  It's like the grass that withers and perishes.

As I watch my children grow up so quickly, and Robert and I aging, I realise afresh at the brevity of life. I hear of a family, devastated by the tornadoes in the USA, and I realise the brevity of life. We all age, but our life can be cut short in a moment. I need to live it to God's glory, as if each day could be my last, and appreciate all God has given me.


I can't not mention my precious little ones. The things they do, the things they say, the little looks they give.  They are simply....


I know, I know, I am their MUM.  I have to think they are adorable.  Really, though, they ARE!

Simeon's latest?

To say the funniest little words, and two word phrases.

The one I love most - "COOL"!!

He sees something he likes and he says "cool!". It REALLY makes me chuckle!

(His first ever Duplo creation!)

(such a cheeky smile!)

He says something new every day, and we all smile and laugh about it.  All the family share in the pleasure it brings, to hear him express himself verbally.  Totally adorable.

(Simeon wanting to hold Tabitha's hand - ADORABLE!)

Then, there's this little treasure.

(She fell asleep in her Jumparoo, when she had a raised temperature on Sunday. Poor wee soul!)


She smiles, she laughs, she giggles (yes, there's a difference!), she bounces in her Jumparoo, she eats her feet, she watches her siblings with amusement and joy, she loves cuddles.


All of them have adorable moments, but I think it's a word particularly suited to the very young.


Then, my moment of peace, joy and huge enjoyment today.  After a busy morning, making a birthday cake for the boys...

 I finally got some "free" moments, later in the afternoon.  I had just been to put some recycling in the outside bin, and realised it was really lovely out there - warm, and still. So, I grabbed my iPod, and headphones, and headed out into the garden.  Robert recently put a swing in the tree, and I LOVE swinging.

 Honestly, I asked for that swing to be put up for the children...AHERM.... I stuck my headphones in my ears, and tapped on my new app I discovered last week....

my Audible app.

I can now access all my Audible purchases, without having to sync my iPod with my computer, or remember how to transfer my purchases from Audible, into my iTunes file. Tap a button, and there they are! BLISS! It was lovely to sit and listen to a story, and swing on the swing. Peace and quiet. For, erm, about 10 minutes, until Simeon appeared... and sat swinging with me. The little joys in life!

There you have my "A's" for this week.

Join me next week for "B" - what will they B??


  1. This is the first time that I have visited your blog. Really cute post! I love your blog design too. So simple and "adorable".

  2. you certainly filled this "a" with lots of amazing, awe-inspiring, audacious words. :) Sorry.. just trying to follow the "a' theme there. The love you have for your family is definitely showing through. :)

  3. You have such a beautiful family! Happy Birthday to your husband and precious son. I, too, love swinging, mostly to music that my busy life doesn't allow me much time to listen to these days. :)

  4. I like the cake. Happy birthday.

  5. A darling post and love those cute cheeks!!!

    ~Addelah ~