Monday, 5 May 2014

The servant mother {getting your ear pierced}

There's an attitude that's prevalent in today's society.  It's an attitude that's governed by self, and the pleasing of it. It doesn't just exist in the "world", it's infiltrated the Church - God's own body.

Sadder still, it's entered the hearts of wives and mothers.

It's all about pleasing self, instead of self-denial -  of duty, not delight.

I have heard it before - shame, of shames, I have even heard it from my own lips -

"I'm not your servant, you know"

Yesterday, Robert was preaching about our Lord, and how He WASHED THE FEET of His disciples. An act of servitude. Certainly NOT the act of a King. His WHOLE life was one of service - He came not to be served, but to serve. He came, to give up Himself for sin, that we might be saved. The ultimate giving up of self - self denial.

We are told to be Christ-like - we are to follow in His steps. If His heart was one of service, and serving others completely and sacrificially, shouldn't that be our heart, also?

We are not in our roles, that God HIMSELF has led us to, only of duty. We should be giving ourselves up to serve others, before ourselves.


Always giving.


"I delight to do thy will, O my God"
Psalm 40:8

As I has listened to the sermon about my Saviour serving, my mind jumped back to that passage in Deuteronomy. That one, where the masters were to give their servants the opportunity to go free, but they could choose to stay - to stay out of devotion and delight, just because they LOVED THEIR MASTER.  They would be taken to a door, and their ear would be pierced through - a sign of their choice to serve.

Oh, my heart.

Am I delighting to serve my husband, my family, those in my congregation, those I love
as friends? Do I give to others as drudgery, or in devotion to my Lord, and delight in the doing? Have I been to the Lord, and asked Him to pierce my ear, and given HIM my whole heart, out of devotion, to serve Him fully,


Do I end up bemoaning the hardships, and wishing the moments away until I can please self, or do I have that ear-piercing attitude of giving, giving and giving again, with a heart full of love and compassion for those God has placed in my life for me to serve. To serve, as Jesus served?

Friends, dear friends. God has called us to the place us are in. Whatever the tests, trials, difficulties, stresses and hardships - we are to serve, right where we are. Not only to serve, but to have JOY in our service.  All because we LOVE OUR MASTER.  He gave of Himself in a way we can never fully comprehend - the least we can do is to serve others in a way that brings Him honour and glory, with a willing, sacrificial, heart.

We mustn't consider our role as "just a job", or, "what I know I should be doing".  It should be done with a willing heart. Just like the Israelites, giving of their possessions to build temple, we should offer OURSELVES, willingly.  If we give ourselves in this way, we will have JOY in our service.

"the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect (complete/whole ) heart they offered willingly to the LORD."
I Chronicles 29:9

This week, I want to have my ear pierced, in service to the Lord, in the place He has called me to.  I want to offer myself willingly - no drudge, regrets, dragging of heels or despising - with my WHOLE heart.  Not for my husband, or my children, or the praise of any others, but for my Master, my Saviour.

No despising of servitude, but embracing it and rejoicing in it.

Will you join me?

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  1. Found you today through Inspired bloggers Network. Great thoughts!