Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {Ecstatically Excited about things Extremely Extraneous to Men }

Ben and Me

It's amazing how your perspective can change as a wife and a mother.

When I was younger I got excited about very different things than what I get excited by now.  Maybe it's because my life is very child-centred - caring for their needs, and dealing with their ways (all very joyfully, I add!) - that I then get rather excited over little things.

I love getting post.  Unexpected, hand-written, snail mail and  packages - expected and unexpected - bring great excitement in me. I can't wait to open them and see what's inside! I especially get excited about books arriving. I have mentioned before that our curriculum, Tapestry of Grace, regularly means I have books arriving.  *I* have ordered them - I *KNOW* what they are - but I still get excited when they arrive!

Better still, this week, was a book that arrived EARLY! I had pre-ordered a novel, by Dee Henderson (one of my all time favourite authors), and was told it would be with me in mid-June.  To my extreme joy, I got a package the other day, and THERE IT WAS!!! Earlier than I expected, and making me rather pleased! I got as far as reading the first few pages, last night, before falling asleep with it in my hands. Yes, I do that. Pretty regularly.

I also managed to squeeze in a hair appointment this week.  I love getting my hair cut, but it had been about NINE months since my last haircut! OOPS! It had got very messy at the ends (which my lovely husband doesn't seem to notice, but it bothers me!), and it was time for a tidy up.  I'd noticed, in the last year or so, that my hair had got wavier, especially in the last pregnancy.  Getting it trimmed has now made it even more so, and I LOVE IT! It has so much more volume and bounce.

(At this point, any males reading are going to be TOTALLY zoning out - sorry!)

From behind (I could have had shorter layers, but I want to still be able to put it "up")

From the front (look at those WAVES!)


Seriously, when you've had poker straight hair most of your life, this is extremely satisfying!

Then, I had another exciting event this week.  I seem to have very few clothes for Church just now, that are in good condition, and that fit me properly.  I have lost a bit of weight, but still want to lose more.  I like very long skirts and dresses, but they are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find - new, or second hand.  I had trawled the charity shops (thrift stores) and even looked for new things online, to no avail.  No long skirts.  Well, a few, but not a fabric or style that  I liked.  I could find dresses, but when you are nursing a baby, they are not great for when you need to feed with others around.  When my friend was visiting on Monday, we came up with the idea of looking for a nursing DRESS! WE looked, and we found! I found one I liked, found out where to buy one, and went for it. I decided to go for economy shipping, even though it would leave me little time to find something else if it didn't suit. (Oh yes, I was trying to get it for a week from now, for our Service of thanksgiving at our Church!  Really organised, me....)  To my surprise, it arrived in just 2 days! I brought it upstairs to try on, telling myself,  "now, it probably won't fit, and you'll have to return it, so don't be disappointed". I have got so used to things not suiting, it's what I tell myself! Imagine my delight when it DID fit!!! I was like a small child at Christmas!!

I'm still no Twiggy, but I think it looks quite forgiving!  I will get a picture of the full outfit, once I have all the accessories.

My further excitement was to realise I would have to get some RED shoes to match! I have no navy ones, or any other colour in the dress, and I have ALWAYS wanted a red pair of shoes.  I went with one of my favourite brands, Hush Puppies.

I gazed at high heeled varieties, but the reality is, that with a small person to carry around, comfort wins!

I also bought a navy beret (we wear a head covering to Church), which I will embellish with some kind of crochet creation to tie in with the colours in the dress.

I have also bought some yarn, to make some kind of "covering" for my shoulders, but I will wait to reveal that, too!

So, there we go! An ecstatically excited grown woman, about a new haircut, a new book, and some new clothes! 

Yup, that overgrown kid is ME!

Above all else I thank God, for EVERY good and perfect gift - all that I have comes from Him, and His great goodness and generosity to me. 

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  1. Feeling your excitement!

    I have downloaded a number of books on Kindle and have noticed there is none of that feeling of excitement when you open Kindle to read the new book.... NOTHING like that wonderful feeling of opening a parcel and *touching* a book, newly arrived. Oooooh, that feeling .... I don't get it when clothes arrive in the post, but ....books? Oh yes!