Monday, 2 June 2014

You are Loved {A Good Morning Girls book study}

I have had a rather traumatic 24 hours. Yesterday evening, my cutie little Simeon got his hand caught in the hinge side of a door, and gashed his hand, and bruised it, too. It was an unavoidable accident, but was traumatic for all involved, not least of all Simeon.

I HATE it when a child gets hurt.  I desperately wanted to be the one to take him into the hospital to e checked, but I had Tabitha to care for, so I stayed at home.  After several hours of waiting, and being seen, Robert and Simeon arrived back home, at nearly 1 am. Simeon had his hand steri-stripped and glued, but there was no "major" damaged, which was an answer to prayer.

He's bounced back remarkably well today, and, in fact, we've had trouble keeping him still! Just his usual "Simeon" self! The challenge will be for us, trying to keep his dressings on!

Times like this emphasise just how much you love your children. Seeing them in pain, and not being able to instantly make it all better, is SO hard.  Seeing another child so sad, because she felt responsible for what she perceived to be her fault, and having to console her, and try and convince her hurting heart that it was an accident, with no-one to blame!  Trying to explain to the others what was happening, and reassure them it WOULD be ok.

I have also, recently, heard of some dreadfully sad situations, with children seriously ill, and dying. That, too, makes me hug my children closer, and love them all the more.

We simply don't know what a day will bring forth, and we need to just make every moment count - loving deeply, sincerely, unconditionally.  The love that you have for those closest to you, is almost indescribable.  It's a very special bond, which God has given us.

Loving our family, however, is NOTHING compared to how God loves us.  Our love is flawed by mortal imperfections, and doesn't hold a candle to the shining example of God's love.

Today, I began the latest Good Morning Girls study.  I have joined in others before now, usually based on a portion of scripture, or a book of the Bible.  This summer's one is a bit different.  It's based on the new book, co-written by Sally Clarkson, and Angela Perritt, called "You are Loved - embracing the everlasting love God has for you".

We have a question we ask OFTEN in this house.  "What's the most important thing?" to which, of course, the answer is "love".

Which one of doesn't need to remind ourselves of God's love for us?  Which of us doesn't need to learn more about love?  We are sinners, saved by God's grace, but often feel our sinfulness deeply.  It is tempting to feel that as we are so unloveable, that we are undeserving of God's love.  Yet, He DOES love us.  There may be times that we don't fully understand God, and His love for us, or how to love others, in the way God loves us. Perhaps we battle with Satan, trying to tell us we don't deserve God's love at all?

This 8 week study covers all of these issues, and more.  The chapters you read are not long, and are easy to read. There is a memory verse and a challenge for each week, a scripture portion to read daily, verses to use in a SOAP study method (as I explained here), and deeper questions to study. You can do as much or as little as your available time allows, and you will be blessed, I am sure, even if you were just to follow the reading plan.

If you want to follow along, find out more information at the Good Morning Girls page.  They will be sharing various helps and encouragements along the way, including video messages from the authors.   I will also be sharing something, every week, about what I am learning from the study.

As I have said before, reading and studying God's Word is always worthwhile.  I would also say that anything I have read by Sally Clarkson is extremely worthwhile, as she truly understnads the hearts of wives and mothers.

You can follow along very simply, or if you have more time you can be more involved.  Either way, consider joining in with this study, over the next couple of months.  I am sure your heart will be blessed.

I will finish y sharing this week's memory verse.  It's a good'un!

What blessed, precious truths!!
God is mighty - He will save - He will rejoice over you - you can rest in his love.

Resting in God's love.
Letting go of all our earthly cares, sorrows, trials, and exhaustions, and simply REST, in the knowledge that we are loved by a mighty God.

I trust that you are able to join in with this study - you can buy the book as a paperback, or in Kindle edition. (If you are Amazon Prime customer, you can borrow it for FREE!)  Alternatively, you can just follow the simple reading plan each week.

Looking forward to learning and growing this summer. Will you join me?

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