Friday, 13 June 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {Gifts...}

My  post this week is sort of simple. Partly because I was a great, galloping galoot. I got my weeks wrong, and now have my "H" post ready for next week.


Ben and Me

I was thinking about something to do with "G", and I was feeling rather frantic, because I have such a busy day, and much to do before it ends.

What came to my mind was GIFTS.

There are so many days in my life that I seem to just be so busy DOING. It's part of being a wife and mother, and especially part of being a mother who also educates at home.  Some nights I go to bed with my head in a whirl, from just doing the next thing.

However, it just struck me, as I listen to some children doing chores, some playing, and watching the two smallest playing together on the floor, I have been given SO much in life.

GOD is the giver, and He gives so generously.

I have my salvation, first and foremost. God gave His Son, so that my sins could be forgiven.  I currently have a baby dress, stained with red dye. She chewed my new bracelet, and the colour has gone onto her NEW white dress. I have tried so many stain removers, and it hasn't come out yet. It's not going to be easy. It's the same with the greatest gift. Our sin, dyed deep in our life, was a stain we couldn't remove ourselves.  Sinner, bound for an eternity in hell, without God. Yet, Jesus came, shed His blood, I repented of my sins, and my sins are GONE! Cleansed, forgiven - my sins blotted out.  "Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool".

I have my family. Those I was born amongst, and those who have been added. All such a blessing - a gift from God.  They are all such a joy and encouragement to me - every single one of them.

I have my friends - friends in the flesh, who I love to be with, and share fellowship with - who encourage ME.  Friends online, who have also blessed me beyond measure - they are all a gift, from God.

I have an amazing home, which was provided in a truly amazing way, by an amazing God.

I have everything I need - food, clothing, and many extras which I don't really "need", but are such a help to me.

The thing is, these are the OBVIOUS gifts.  Life is more than the big things.  The things that stare you in the face every day.

I so often MISS the gifts, because I am so busy with life. I have been trying to slow down, and enjoy them.  Take the opportunities, and appreciate them as gifts from God.

Those moments when I am tired in the daytime - I remember that the gift of Tabitha is what makes me feel like that. The gift of my children, needing me to care for them and help them.  The gift of my husband who needs my loving care and attention.  All gifts.

Those moments where I have tidying up to do, EVERYWHERE.  I turn, and more mess has appeared.  Why?  Gifts.  God GAVE me the children that made the mess.  Many people have yearned for a child at all, and would gladly have the mess, just because it would mean they had a child to make it.  Messes come from a gift.

Moments when my head is in a twist from the endless questions, requests, squabbles, and general noise.  I stop and give thanks for the gift.  The gift of children who have a brain that functions enough to think, to ask questions, to have needs that I must fulfil, to have voices to squabble and make noise, and that I have functioning ears to hear them.

Times when I am a little overwhelmed with children climbing on me, and I am trying to get work done.  These little ones (and bigger ones) are a GIFT.  It's a gift that I can do the jobs - that I live somewhere that I have so many things to fill my time. The children, who seem to "bother" me at times, are only seeking out my love and attention, which they deserve as a gift from me.

The list is endless.

Tabitha learning to sit up.

The lovely flowers and beautiful scents in my garden.

The sound of the children playing together.

The birds singing in the sunshine.

The bounty of tasty food we enjoy.

It's all gifts.

God has GIVEN us richly all things to enjoy.

All these things that give us pleasure in our lives, and in our hearts. They're a gift.

Every good and every perfect gift is from above.

God.  The giver.

If HE can give me so much, how can I give any less.

I need to take more time to just enjoy these precious gifts, and give of my own time and efforts to those around me.  Blessing others whenever I can, instead of pleasing myself.

We sang a hymn at the weekend, which is one of my favourites. I think I may have quoted it before?  "When all thy mercies, O my God, My rising soul surveys"?

 There are other verses, not in our hymnbook, which reflect the truth of God as the giver.

O how shall words with equal warmth
The gratitude declare,
That glows within my ravished heart?
But thou canst read it there.

Thy bounteous hand with worldly bliss
Hath made my cup run o’er;
And, in a kind and faithful Friend,
Hath doubled all my store.

Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the last a cheerful heart
That tastes those gifts with joy.

Oh, I most certainly taste these gifts with joy. My heart is full.


  1. Very well said! Thank you.

  2. Hmm, yes. You miss it too, when you have no more under three. :)