Friday, 27 June 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {illness, imps, imperfections and iMovie}

Well, this week has been interesting.  We are still waiting for the "axe to fall" on the other 7 children, in the chickenpox department.  Every day we have random inspections, to see if any spots have appeared.  Possibly, just possibly, I think some may be appearing today!  I really just want this whole thing done and dusted, and the suspense is about killing me! *grin*  Did you know how many little, random spots and blemishes children have? Many, I tell you.  Not helped at all by my next subject.

My imp.  Simeon.

Another trying week with my rambunctious 2 year old.  I think, having been ill, he has had  an enormous amount of energy returned, which he is putting into making mischief.  He is constantly getting into things, and also has developed a liking for screaming when he doesn't get his own way.  Children have uncanny knack for wanting their own way.  It's why we are told, as parents, that we need to "train up a child".  They need to learn that it's not the right way to behave, and they can't always get their own way. It's a tiring job, raising children, I can tell you.  Mostly, on our part, determined by the amount of effort we put into being consistent and attentive in our duties.  Not as much as I ought to, so often, I fear.  I see my imperfections REGULARLY as a parent, and bemoan my selfish, and sinful, and lazy heart, that doesn't do as much as I ought to.  I pray that the Lord would help me to be more of what I should be.

My imperfections were made manifest yesterday, all sparked by my aforementioned imp.

I was busily trying to get the dinner out, as well as getting ready for some Church folks coming round to plan for Holiday Bible Club.  My prideful heart felt I MUST make something home-baked, or I wouldn't be the hostess they were expecting.  I was sure I would have criticism for only giving out shop bought treats.  How silly.  How sinful of my heart.

Well, Simeon soon put an old proverb into practice in my life.

Yes, my friends - pride goeth before..


Not a fall.  That's a misquote.

Destruction, and a fall, is what happened.

My brownie mix, which had everything done, other than the flour stirred in, was sitting on the counter.  I was busy doing some other, more vital, jobs, when Simeon knocked my bowl - tipping out a good lot of the mix, and nearly all the flour, onto the floor.

Yes.  That's a brownie splat.  The children were all seeing "pictures" in it - "Ooooh, I can see a face" - "I can see a duck" - I was seeing a mess which I couldn't clear up because dinner needed to be served.


Thankfully, my husband and son blessed me immensely by clearing it up after dinner, whilst I did other things that needed my attention.  It was no small job, and I am very grateful!

My biggest sigh was over my own pride.  Had I just focussed on one thing - caring for my family's immediate needs - instead of worrying about what others may say or think, then it would not have happened.  I wanted  to give the visitors what I thought was best - my own cooking. Ouch. How awful does that sound, actually typed out in words?

I deserved destruction.

However, in an effort to prevent waste, the mixture that wasn't tipped out was adapted, and cooked, and it was entirely edible (or so I was told by those who could eat it - not me, it has sugar and gluten and other things I don't eat!).

When will I learn?

My imperfections - my sinful heart - are ever before me. I am SO glad for God's love and mercy in my life.  Sadly, I wasn't so merciful on my son. He needed to learn, yes, but I was so angry.  My heart is not perfect, like my heavenly Father. Simeon had been told to stay out, and to stop touching things, and he didn't.  Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth.  That's why we need to train our children, too. Simply, because we love them.  It could have been worse than mixture tipped on the floor.  It could have been a hot oven touched, or knives causing harm, by his disobedience.  I really hope he learns soon.  That, or my patience needs to be improved faster.

I humbly listen to my own words, and I pray I learn, too.

I will finish with my "iMovie" point.

My friend kindly introduced my children to an app, called iMovie.  You can do all sorts of fun things with it, and the children have used it for educational purposes, in the last two weeks.  I really cannot rate it highly enough, for usability, and inventiveness.  It encourages children to use their creativity in producing short films.  They can do it as  "trailer" type setting, or just in a free form way.  The first was a "trailer", outlining the science they were doing that day.  The second was a "dramatic production" of a scene from the life of Solomon (being studied in our Tapestry of Grace work, this week - it was an assignment to incorporate the whole family).

I gave the children feedback on it all, but I think it's a great first attempt at a dramatic adaptation! I can't wait to see what else they can do in the future.

Without further ado, I shall share their "movies" with you!


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