Saturday, 17 May 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {Cornish Countryside, Coast, Crustaceans andCaledonia}

It's rather convenient that it is "C" this week, as my week is full of it!!

I have had a lovely week of holiday in Cornwall.  We have been particularly blessed with weather that exceeded the expectations we had from the forecast. At best, it was to be overcast, but it's been truly lovely. It was cloudy over the first couple of days, with wind that turned the rain into horizontal precipitation, but then the new week dawned. 

I am going to photo bomb this post, so get ready for some stunning scenery....

This is the day we arrived... I took the children to see the ocean, but it was drizzling and rather windy. Still gorgeous, though. 

This is what we got the next day!! I did a "panoramic shot" with the iPod, but it doesn't truly show you the sparkling water, and the rugged coastline.

This one is Harlyn Bay. It was still a bit blustery, but just look at the green sea and blue sky!

As the place we stayed faced almost due west at the coast, I HAD to take some sunset shots. It's just my iPod, but I am pleased with what I captured. Amazing!

Would you just look at that?? This was Mawgan Porth, and was another stunning day! 

The next day, I took the oldest 5 to the rock pools, at the bay near us....Treyarnon Bay. They were SUPER rock pools, but I need to find my cable, to share the pictures from that day,mad I used my camera, not the iPod.  I have wonderful childhood memories of doing just the same thing, in Cornwall! I particularly love the sea anemones, little, red, squishiness! They managed to catch a few crabs, which they were chuffed about! We took them back, later the same day, to release them into the sea. 

Look at that handsome fella!

Releasing them back. 

It was another beautiful sunset when the crabs were released. 

The rock pools were all covered up by the sea. 

The next day, we returned to the cove to camp out. I even went into the sea, and swam with the children in the really deep, warm ("ish") pools. So much fun!! 

Then, on another day, they did some crab catching, but with a line and hook, with bait. The rock pool captures were a case of finding, then catching in a net. Quite a bit of investigation, and hunting. Catching them at Padstow harbour was more up to chance. You bait the hook, cast it in, and hope they decide to "take the bait". It took quite a bit of patience, but they finally got two!! 

All this scenery reminds me of my "homeland"... Caledonia. Scotland. It has very similar coastline to Cornwall, with rocky coves and beautiful sunsets.

 I miss it. 

Oh, how could I forget?!


My current project is this butterfly shawl. The hand dyed yarn is gorgeous, and the pattern is quite easy to follow. It's a gift for someone, so it needs to be finished ASAP! 

I also did this quick make... Little "sandals" for Tabitha. Really cute, but she keeps pulling them off!! Typical! 

So, there's my "c". Lots of happiness, and treasured moments with family.


  1. This has made me think that we ought to go to Cornwall again. The long drive on slowish roads is a bit off putting but probably better at this time of the year.

  2. loving those pics! I haven't been to that part of cornwall before. If you liked that, you would love the yorkshire coast, too.