Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance...and a give-away!

Finally, I am getting around to sharing with you about one of Heidi's books!

Heidi has written two books, so far, and this was her first.

Firstly let me address the title, which may make some of you think it is not relevant to you!  As much as the title refers to it as being related to the "Homeschool Mom", this book could be appreciated and valued by any wife and mother.  The issues which are dealt with can equally apply within the marriage of any woman.

I would sum up the book in one word.


So easily, we can lose sight of the things that are important in life. We can place more importance on things than they deserve.

Marriage is one of them.  Our relationship with our husband can easily fall by the wayside, if we become immersed in the duties and responsibilities of parenthood and home-schooling.  That's not how things are meant to be.

Heidi shares many important elements, from her years of marriage and being a homeschool Mom.  She writes with wit and wisdom, and is mighty good at "keeping it real"!  She encourages us to be honest about our marriage, and where our priorities lie. Heidi emphasises that in order for our marriage to be successful we need to keep our focus on the Lord, and our walk with Him.

Things are NOT always easy as a homeschooling Mum... in fact, as Heidi says

"homeschooling makes marriage more challenging, not less."

However, because marriage is the primary relationship in the family

"it's the first relationship the Enemy will try to tear down."

SO true.  So, we need to nurture our marriage - to protect it.

If we allow the spark to go, the flame will die out and there will be no warmth or energy in our marriage. We need to work at keeping that spark!

Heidi ably manages to address many different areas, in which we need to endeavour that our efforts are being exercised, to keep our marriage strong.

"there is no formula" - rather we are exhorted to "love our husbands as God designed you to love him."

The chapter headings will give you an idea of what you can glean from the book.

A Cord of Three Strands - this covers who we are in Christ, and the primary importance of identifying and working on that area before anything else.

That Girl - encourages us to think back to the girl our husband fell in love with, and grab her back again!

White Space - deal with making quality time with each other, in whatever way suits our home life. PLANNING to spend time with each other, instead of accidentally finding that our paths collide!

Virtual Reality - ensuring that we don't become ensnared in a virtual life on the internet, whilst neglecting the people that are real.

Hoomeschool Headache - this chapter deals with how our homeschooling life can profoundly affect our physical relationship with our husband, by sucking the energy away from our intimate time with our husband. A very practical, but crucial chapter!

Being Naked - we're not talking physical here - but in out communication with each other. How we communicate with our husband is SO important.

Parallel Lives - have you ever heard of parallel living?...when you both live a life, very close together, but never quite meeting at any point?  Heidi gives us advice on how to avoid this.

Moment of Truth - your marriage is NOT immune to the attacks of the devil and the threat of divorce.  We need to battle to prevent it happening.

When it Hurts - things may not be right in your marriage - but, it's never too late to get things back on track!

Love for a Lifetime - Heidi shares the touching story of her dear grandparents, and reminds us that we need to finish well.

The book is filled with great ideas from Heidi and scriptural wisdom from God's Word.  She will, almost certainly, make you laugh - and, as equally certain, bring tears to your eyes.

Challenging, encouraging and engaging - this book is a must if you want to relight the flame in your marriage.

I've had the privilege of meeting Jay and Heidi.  They quite clearly have a marriage that oozes love, tenderness and closeness - that is so very evident.  If the Lord has given them all of that, and her book is the  sharing of that experience...then you need to read it, too!

Now, to the fun part!  I like fun!

A give-away! Woohoo!

I have a SIGNED copy of Heidi's book to give away.

Last give-away, I did not make things very clear, so I shall attempt to do better now...so read carefully and here goes!

There are several ways to have an entry, all of which will require you making a comment below to tell me you have done what you have done! *grin*

1. Comment in the "comments" section below, stating you would like to receive the book.  Otherwise, it means people who enjoyed the post, but do not need the book (eg they already have one!), cannot comment!

2. Share about the give-away on your blog or website - THEN come back and tell me you have done so - share the link to your blog, so others can come and visit you! :-)

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AND......if we get the FB "likes" above 100 by doing this, I will do another give-away!

I really hope that was all clear!!!

So, who would like one of Heidi's books?!

And, for those interested in purchasing, from the UK...I am hoping to have some of Heidi's books shipped over here for people to purchase, including her latest book "The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight".  I still need to read and write a review on that one, and currently have no copies to give away.  *insert sad face*

The other good news is that Heidi is recording the "romance" book as an audio book, which will be available ASAP! Go Heidi!

So, join in the give-away, and learn about becoming "that girl".....

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