Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Family first...

People have been asking us what we were doing to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The answer?  Not a lot! oops!

WHY?  Well, we have more important things to work around.  Like family.  And friends.  And Church.

So, we didn't have days off on Monday and Tuesday - my children did school.

Mean mother?


Why not?

Because they were making up for not having school last week, because we had family to visit, and have family again this week!

Family is more important.

Every. Time.

When you haven't seen your brother and sister-in-law for TWO years, they take priority.  Surely learning about the value of family is one of the major lessons of life?

So, I think pictures are in order!

We went to this National Trust property Wimpole Hall.  We have a family membership, that pays for itself after just a few visits each year. 

They had some lovely gardens - formal, informal and a walled garden.  There were stunning alium all down the centre - on of my favourite flowers. 

This is Claire, my SIL, with Elijah, playing peek-a-boo!

David, my brother, with Eliajh, when we were out for dinner!

Claire and Susie.  Love this picture. 

Susie and I...

Now, this shows what another day's focus was.  My brother is a landscape gardener.  He helped me plan my plants for the garden, and went with me to a nursery to buy the plants.  Then, we got home and got the children to plant them all! :-)

Another day's task was Claire helping me unpack the last of the boxes from the move, to make room for more family visiting this week.  And, which child can resist playing in empty boxes?   I SO appreciated her help with this job - it was driving me nuts not being able to use that last room.  Now, I can do something with it. yay! 

David encouraging Elijah in his obsession with Top Trump cards...that's him asking David "who's that?", which is what we ask him!!  I need to make some cards with countries or flags on them, and educate him whilst he is young!

This week is the turn of my youngest brother, his wife and 2 boys.  Pictures to follow! 

Family - what a joy!

More of a joy - all my siblings know the Lord as Saviour, and all my in-laws, too.  WHAT a blessing, and we pray that the children will come to know Him as Saviour, too. 

Oh, and Jubilee?  I had them watch the river Pageant and write a "newspaper" report on it!

And, when we had our tea for our Annual Service of thanksgiving, I did some Jubilee-esque cake decor....

The inside of my meringues!


This one looks like a smurf hiding in there! :-D

There are little fingers of cake made from whoopie pie mix.  I figured that if I put the frosting INSIDE a whoopie pie, you wouldn't SEE it, so, I did it this way! :-D

Family and food.  Perfect combo.....


  1. Love the pictures and reading about your adventures! And yes, family IS important!

  2. Great photos, Caroline. And *love* the Aquafresh toothpaste frosting ;)

    A x

  3. yup, that is EXACTLY what it looks like, and my friend and I were singing the Aquafresh song at 1am whilst I was doing the frosting! ;-p