Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Don't be a rotten egg

I just LOVE oppurtunities that God gives us to teach our children lessons.

Better still, I love that God teaches us Mum's lessons at the same time.

We had been without a microwave since last week, and the children had missed making themselves scrambled eggs for breakfast.  So, when the new one arrived yesterday, Bethany was quick to offer her services, making scrambled eggs for the children's breakfast today.

She started to crack the eggs into the bowl, as always.



"yes, Beth"

"I think there's something wrong with this egg - it just kind of exploded when I cracked it into the bowl, and you should see what colour it is!"

The colours you see above are VERY real, and not at all photo-shopped!  Green - yup!  And that manky black, too.  And, be glad there is no smelly-net....

It was my first EVER (quite an achievement, maybe?!?) rotten egg.

We had often pondered how we would know if an egg was rotten, and I thought it was just the smell.  But, nooooooo siree.  It looks pretty awful, too!

How could I miss the opportunity of using it as an object lesson?? 

First off, we had to throw that bowl of eggs out - in a bag ALL of its own, and straight into the outside bin.  NOT a scent you want to have lingering in the kitchen! *bleugh*

So, that led us to the multiple object lessons.  

That ONE bad egg ruined all the others.  The good eggs could not make the bad egg "good".  They were all fit for nothing once they had been contaminated.

I explained to Bethany that it was like sin.  If we let sin into our lives, it affects everything.  Even just one besetting sin, tarnishes us completely.  Sin ruins us.  It eliminates us from being "good" in any way, and are only fit for destruction.   Thank God for His grace, and that He continues to wash our sins away as we come to Him in confession! 

It was also a perfect lesson on the company we keep, and how it affects us.

If we choose a bad friend, even though we are surrounded by good friends, it's going to have a bad influence on us.  It's far less likely that the good will improve the bad.  We need to be so wise in the company we keep.

I also explained that it shows us how a bad attitude affects those around us.  If we let that "bad egg" personality come out, it's going to make those around us feel bad, or grumpy, or miserable, or angry - whatever that bad attitude is!  

So much to learn, from a bad egg!!!

We need to take these opportunities, and use them to teach our children.  They will remember these lessons so well, if we use memorable events to cement them in their minds.

And, as always, my own heart was pricked and I am trying my best not to be a "bad egg" in the home today, and there is no "bad smell" from my behaviour, tainting my children around me. 

See what you can use to teach your children, in the opportunities that God presents you with today.

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  1. Yeah, I can only remember ever having one, and for a while I cracked each seperate just in case!