Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Priorities - and a WINNER!

You may remember, in my post about Heidi's book here, that I said that the main theme of her book is priorities?

Getting things in the right order - remembering what is most important?

Well, today I had the joy of listening to Heidi speak online, on a radio programme.  The lady who was hosting the programme mentioned this quote of Heidi's...

Character before curriculum - marriage before mothering.

Training our children up in the character that reflects God's Word and ways, FAR exceeds in importance over the nuts and bolts of our curriculum choices.

Nurturing our marriage - our relationship with our husband - must come first in importance over our mothering.  If our marriage is not strong...not a good example to our children...not honouring to the Lord...then the devil will wheedle his way in and destroy first our marriage - and then our children.

So, I got all creative and made some printables to remind me of this.

And, in the spirit of giving freely - I want to share it with you! :-)

Here is the link to print it. 

I thought it needed some choices, so....

Here is the link for this one.

And Here is the link for this one.

This is the last one.

I think I need this somewhere fairly central, so I don't forget!


And, drum rollllllll...................

The winner of Heidi's book.....is........


It will be winging its way to you soon!  Look out for your e-mail from me!

Commiserations to the others - UK folks should be able to purchase them here soon.  Those from the USA need to look out on Heidi's website and FB page for great deals, as well as being able to purchase them directly from their online store.  Remember, you are helping to support their ministry by purchasing the books. 

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  1. Thank you for the pritables, I will go for the green one and laminate it. X