Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blessed on my birthday

Yes, there was no Matriarch yesterday.  After finally starting back, I didn't share one yesterday.


I was too busy being blessed and loved by my family. It was my birthday on Sunday, but in our house when you have a Sunday birthday, you celebrate on a Monday.  The Lord's Day is the Lord's day, and Robert likes to do lots of lovely birthday things for me which he hasn't got the time to do on a Sunday.

A lie in.

Breakfast in bed.


(boooooooooooooooks, I got booooooooooooooooooooks!!! And notebooks.  And Cath Kidston things. And nice smelly things.  And jewellery.  And mini eggs.  And Creme Eggs. )

Cards.  Including a lot with cupcakes and baked things on them (should I take it as people knowing I like to *MAKE* them, or I like to *EAT* them?!?).  And, one all the way from America! Joy!


(ok, the cake I made myself, for my lovely sister-in-love Anna, and which I forgot to give her to take home on Sunday, so I had some yesterday...and today... *coughs loudly* )

Very little housework.

Dinner out.

A chilled evening with my husband.

It all adds up to a super-duper day.

If only one could have a day like that every week, but alas my birthday happens but once a year!

Oh, and if only we could have illness keep away for more than a matter of days, that would also be good. I am ill with a virus, again.  More rash, aches and general lousiness.


I just wanted to let you all know that I had not fallen off the edge of the planet, and plan to return with more thoughts in the days ahead.

The End.

Oh, no, not the end.

I will end with a picture of cake.


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  1. Well, I wouldn't post either if I was having that much fun and pampering. :) Happy Birthday.