Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Winter Wonderland...

We've had snow.

I love snow.

It's so pretty, and birght, and crunchy, and shimmery, and soft, and....

Yes, ok, I spent most of the last week indoors, not experiencing the havoc, mayhem, delays, coldness and all the other negatives.

I DID go for a walk.  I got my wellys out, and remembered there is a hole in them.


I can now officially tell you, that if you put on 2 pairs of ordinary socks, followed by a pair of your husband's wool socks, and then squuuuueeeeeeze your feet into your aforementioned, flawed boots,then your feet are so tightly squeezed, and lacking in sensation, that you don't notice the cold.

That sorted, we went on a lovely walk.

Leisurely enjoying the pretty world the snow had created.

Snow encrusted branches.

Snow laden bushes.

Frost encrusted foliage.

Lovely, until we had got to the other end of the village and we saw a Tesco delivery van.



*muttering to self* I DID order my shopping to be delivered at 1pm-2pm?.... it's 11am just now.....

Checked my text message...

That was MY shopping being delivered, between 11am and 12pm (ok, so there was a one followed by a 2, and I simply missed off the vital "1" in front of those digits....)  ....EEK!

Quick we turned direction, and the oldest got sent off running ahead, to greet the delivery man and make sure he didn't go off!!!

Nothing quite like a brisk walk in the snow.

Honestly, I planned it that way - good for the health....

By the time we eventually got to the park to build a snowman, Simeon was getting cold, very grumpy, and was screaming loudly.  So, the snowman didn't happen.

It would ALSO have helped, if the wally who put the order in for the snow, ordered the RIGHT KIND.  It did NOT want to stick, and when we attempted a snow man, it wasn't happening.

*rolls eyes*

Thankfully, it seems that Joshua managed to succeed today, and a snowman was built.  After all, what is snow without a snowman?!?

(I am looking at the snowman's nose wondering "where did they get the carrot from, I had none left"...hmmmm)

So, enjoy some snow pictures of the children.

The rather large icicle that Josh found in the garden!

My 2 littlies....

He'Snow angel.....?

Well, here's his "snow angel", anyway! 

Abi dabi doo

Fun with snowballs! - Daniel looking tense....

Oooooh, close......

Coming to getcha....


And, as I didn't manage to get any of Beth in the snow, here's one of her at Christmas!


  1. Great snow pictures! I read Tesco and had to go back and read the store name again. It sounds familiar...European familiar. Then I remembered where you live. They had a Tesco in Warsaw, Poland, where we last lived. Didn't make it there very often.

  2. There is *nothing* like having fun in the snow. Pity we haven't so much as seen a flake yet this winter .... Our kids (and the not-so-young kids too) are so jealous :)