Thursday, 26 January 2012

A bunch of sweet peas

(taken in the garden at Shugborough Hall)

I love sweet peas.  I must make sure I find a space in my garden for some this year!

However, I am not really referring to the flower!  More accurately, it should be...

...a bunch of sweet "P's".

I saw this in a little publication that we get, called "Cheering Words".  It's a collections of short articles and anecdotes, with spiritual encouragement and application.

This one is from the issue brought out last November.  The author and source are unknown, but it was punchy, and a clever way of looking at the 23rd Psalm.

P's, by the way, are the Preacher's best friend, if he likes to alliterate, as there are always plenty of them to use!  Well, so I have been told, and observed, not being one myself! ;-)

A Bunch of Sweet P's
Gathered from Psalm 23

Possession - The Lord is MY Shepherd
Provision - I shall not want
Position - He maketh me to lie down
Privilege - In green pastures
Preservation - He restoreth my soul
Progress - He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
Peace - I will fear NO evil
Presence - Thou ART with me
Preparation - Thou preparest a table before me
Plenty - My cup runneth over
Pursuit - Goodness and mercy shall follow me
Prospect - I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

I think I will PONDER these things today! Much to dwell upon, and be thankful for.  And, something for everyone - no matter what your circumstances are today, I am sure that one of these "Sweet P's", will speak to your heart.

(not taken by me at all, but I like both the flowers and the GORGEOUS looking journals in the background!)


  1. I remember those cheering words. Lol, the children were given loads of them, by a certain person;) lol

  2. I found your blog while looking for pictures of sweet peas. LOVE your take on them. Blessings to you today