Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chatting with Patrice

I am afraid that I didn't make the chat last week...things were a bit hectic.  But, back to normal today, all ready to answer some questions!

1.  Kimberly asks: How long have you blogged?

This, I need to check....I created this blog in 2009, and posted 2 I don't think that counts! I restarted it properly last July.  Having read both Anne and Patrice mention 1 year anniversary's of blogs passing them by, maybe I should try and remember and do a give-away when then time comes.  Well, of course that all depends on what life is like baby.  If this one is like my first 5, it will be a doddle.  If it is like my last mischief, life may be slightly insane.  (what do you mean "is it not insane already?"....)

I love him, even if he was my hardest baby.

Who couldn't love a cheeky face like that?

2.  Lana asks:What is the most difficult part of taking care of chickens?

The most difficult part, I would guess, would be HAVING them at all?....

Rats.  I know they can attract rats.  That would put me off something chronic.  It is, however, a little dream of mine, to have chickens.  Sadly, it appears not to be in the dream life of my lovely husband.....

3.  Susannah asks: Would you prefer to live where it's hot or cold?

Hmmmmm - either extreme.  I love our seasonal weather, so it would have to be somewhere similar.  My perfect day is a warm, sunny one, with a lovely breeze keeping things from being overly hot.  Sadly, it seems to happen rather rarely.  I don't like it when the temperatures hit the 30's C here.  It's just TOO hot for me.  Being a Scot, we are not accustomed to such temperatures.  The cold?  They have NO idea how to deal with it down here.  I used to wander out to my detached garage, through the garden, in the winter, with no coat on...whilst my husband and children insisted there was NO WAY they could go outside without one.  Huh....softies...

4.  Farm Girl asks: What sort of things are you looking forward to in 2012?

Well, I guess the biggest thing would be our new baby!  The weeks are fast ticking past, and i have only 11 weeks until my due date!!!  How fast they have passed! I am praying that I have another labour like my last one, and that the baby is as contented as the 5 BEFORE that...however, God knows best, and I will be delighted with whatever He has in store for me, on that front.  

There are no other major events planned for this year.  We do have a holiday (sorry, VACATION) planned in the near future, and I am looking forward to that.  We go away with our friends, and their 5 (soon-to-be 6) children.  It's a mad house, to say the least, but it's fun.  One of the best parts is that we womenfolk only cook ONCE each in the whole week!  The men sort out dinner for the children, and lunch for all every day.  We grown ups take it in turns to cook each of the 4 nights we are away, just for the consumption of the grown ups.  My friend and I reckon, as we are both pregnant (she will be 37 weeks...) that we will be having something very easy the nights that we cook!  Certainly, she has more right to that ease than I do! We are just hoping and praying that we don't suddenly get a cold snap, and get snowed in, with an early baby making an appearance! 

5.  Dreaming asks: What's for dinner?

Macaroni cheese.  I made it this morning, before breakfast.  It means that all I have to do is put it in the oven to reheat, and I can get school finished with the little ones. Although, I also have a grocery shop arriving between 12pm and 1pm., tokeep me on my toes! 

So, that all said, I must dash and get some work done with the children.  The morning has gone well, so far, so there isn't too much left to do.

It's Burns Night tonight....celebrating the life of the Scot's Poet, Robert Burns.  So, I think we will do some poetry work, and look at some of his more well known works.  See if my children can understand his broad, Scottish lingo...*laughs wickedly*

Nice to chat again, Patrice!


  1. Me? I've never read a Rabbie Burns poem in my life!
    I love the cooking schedule you have for your vacation.... I could quite happily holiday in a house with 12 kids if I had dinner *and* lunch sorted every day. Bring it on!!

    (Oh, and if the Americans go on a vacation, do they *vacate* in a place, rather than 'holiday in a place' like we do????

    (They're weird ;)

  2. you have never read a Rabbie Burns poem?!?! You probably have, you know...and just didn't know it! "Scot's Wha' hae?", or "Tae a moose"? That's the 2 I am doing,a s well as his version of a Psalm...believe it or not, it's quite good!

    And, yes, American's ARE weird...but we don't have time to go into ALL the in's and out's of that....well seeing you are saying that on MY blog, and not YOURS!

  3. ahh, Bell's steak pies! shame you can't get them in England:/

  4. A new baby! What a wonderful thing!

  5. Best wishes to you and to your friend as well on the new babies! What a blessing. :)

    I couldn't find an e-mail address to contact you privately, so I hope it is OK to do so here.

    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my blog, P.S. Annie! at for more details. Have a great night.