Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sowing seeds, after the storm.

Do you ever get to the end of the day and say "that was a really bad day!"?


It was kinda like that yesterday.  We only started back school last week, and so we still are not back in the "swing" of things.  To top it all off, the children had left things around on Monday (a non-school day), and Daddy had declared they were to have no "free time" yesterday, as part of their punishment.

School jut didn't go "well".  Everything seemed to take forever.  I had to make dinner for the middle of the day, as Robert was going to be out in the evening.  Trying to juggle that (I hadn't planned the simplest meal - home-made pizza and potato wedges....but they started with "p" and that was the phonic I was doing with Susie!!!!.....), with the new schedule that my mornings have, with 1-1 with 2 children, was a LOT of work.  I felt like I was constantly running from one "thing" (be it a person, or a duty), to another.  My brain felt frazzled!  On top of all that, the older ones were simply NOT getting on with their work, and I was having to keep telling them to WORK!!!

Dinner, at least, was tasty, and enjoyed by all.

Then, we came to the afternoon.

I have a schedule that I operate.  It works well for us.  Mornings are "bookwork" - "Studying God's Word", spelling, grammar, maths and phonics.  Afternoons - "room time" from 2-2.30pm; book time from 2.30-3.00pm;  Tapestry of Grace work from 3pm-4pm; extra work from 4pm-5pm (such as science, Latin etc...)  Then we have tidy up time, and then if everything is done, they may get a treat of some sort, or just some more time to play, as well as dinner-time/tea-time chores.

That's the PLAN...but, they didn't get their bookwork done in the morning, and they weren't allowed to it all went pear-shaped.  They did some "tidying" in their rooms - cleared up after dinner - and then took the REST of the afternoon to JUST DO THEIR BASIC SCHOOL WORK!!!!

I tried VERY hard to be patient, and just not let it worry me, but I "lost it" a couple of times.  To top it all off, Elijah fell asleep on my knee for about 1/2 an hour, and woke up VERY out of sorts.  (and you all know what a grouchy toddler is like?!)

Testing of patience?.....oh YES!!

But, on the whole, compared to normal, I just took it on the chin, and figured "it's just one day - tomorrow is a new day".

Bedtime was welcomed!  I had a lovely catch up with a couple of people on the phone, and it really cheered me up.

Today?  Well, I figured it couldn't get any WORSE...

So, Daddy said that if they got all their bookwork done by dinner time, they would get  a treat.  I also planned a dinner that I prepared before school began, so I could give all the time to the  younger ones, instead of running around like a headless chicken!  (albeit, a rather "round" chicken!!!!!)

More than anything, I had prayed that today would be better.  I am pregnant.  I am tired.  I need order!

So, the challenge was a great incentive for the children!  Even Susie was working desperately hard, on the little that she does!!! And, everyone was done by lunchtime!!!

I even had little moments to make me smile through the morning!

I had Susie seeing me take a chocolate biscuit/cookie (choose your description, based on your location!!), , for myself, out of the cupboard.  She said to me "Mummy, when I am a lady like you, *I* can steal chocolate biscuits from the cupboard, too!"  I had to then explain that *I* am allowed to "help myself" to my own biscuits - it's only when you take without ASKING, of something that is nOT yours, that it is stealing!!!! *grin*

Just a little opportunity.  Sowing seeds.

Then, I asked Beth to get Elijah to help her set the table, as he was getting "under my feet" a little, in the kitchen.  So, she merrily went off, giving him jobs that a 20 month old can do.  She gave him the forks to just put on the table.  I looked in though the hatch, because he was clapping and saying "good boy" to himself.  And, there he was, with most of the forks set around the table, neatly beside the mats.

"Did you put the forks around the table, Beth?"

"no, Mum"

Around the house I went, checking with each child, if THEY did it.

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

ELIJAH did it!!

Boy, that made me smile!! He had watched the others doing it every day, and had just done it himself!

"good boy"?....understatement!!! Clever, precious little one!!

And, on the afternoon went.  Children playing happily in their "room time".   Coming to finish work in the afternoon.  Lovely time of discussion, with plenty of sidetracking, for one part of school.

More seed sown.

We had pancakes for tea.  Made on my new frying pan (the old one had started to make them burn when I cooked of joys, the new one had them turning out perfectly!).  With bananas, ice-cream and syrup.  Such a special tea, to crown our better day.

Then, a phone call from a friend.  A chance to witness, in the clearest way I have ever had a chance to do with her.  Strength given, to speak that word in season, when the Lord gave me the opportunity.

More seed sown.

You know, in our day to day lives, some days are stormy days.  The "rain" -  falls.  Sometimes just gently - enough to disrupt our plans just a little.  Sometimes it falls hard.  That "rain" of things not working out - of plans being altered.  Of trials, dripping - dripping.  Some days its a storm.  Things just flip right upside down, and you feel you are never quite going to feel the calm again.

But, then, it ends.  A new day dawns.  New opportunities arise.

Children, all ready to start over with the things they failed with the day before.

Us - the Mums - with a refreshed heart, and renewed vision.  Ready to carry on sowing the seeds in the life of our family.  Sowing seeds of order.  Of learning.  Of right attitudes.  Of a good example.

We need the rainy days.  They are  chance to see how much we can run under the umbrella of God's grace, or whether we try and stick out the storm, getting drenched by the "rain", and only feeling miserable.

The rainy days moisten the soil - the soil of our souls.  Of the souls of our children.  Ready to sow the seeds, after the rain has gone.  Ready for growth, and for new beginnings.

Don't despair in the rainy days.  Even a whole stormy season will eventually pass.  And a day of showers isn't so hard, really.  Take shelter with the Saviour in the tough times.  Rejoice when the sun shines, after the rain has gone.

The Son is still there, above the clouds.  We may not see it, but He's there.

And, there will be shining again! ....

Keep looking for the "sun"!

Here's hoping for a "sunny" one tomorrow!

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  1. Your bad day sounds like my bad day this week!! I also wrote a blog post from it, it just hasn't appeared yet :) Love your last thoughts!