Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just Do It (On cleaning toilets....)

Are there things in your life that you just plain don't like to do?

One of these jobs that you tend to, well, procrastinate doing, simply because it isn't something you like to do?

I do NOT *like* cleaning toilets.

It's a fairly well known fact amongst those that know me well.

If someone could invent a self-cleaning toilet, I may be first in line to purchase one...

I have been much better at cleaning them since we moved house.  It's something that I had noticed more and more - that my dear, wonderful husband kept resorting to doing it himself, as he was fed up with it being left undone.

*blushes....with great mortification and shame*

So, I decided that I needed to turn over a new, ermmmm, toilet seat?....

And, I have set my heart and mind on the matter, and determined to "just do it".

Did you know that the instruction to "do it" is mentioned 51 times in the Bible.

Nike were NOT the ones to come up with the concept.

Over and over there were commandments given from the Lord, with the instruction tagged along, by no means un-importantly, at the end - to "do it".

In Exodus 36, when Moses is giving instruction about the building of the tabernacle, those that were helping were told to "do it".  Not just think about helping...."do it".

The children of Israel, in Deuteronomy chapter 5, purposed to not only hear the words of the Lord, but to "do it".  Not being hearers of the word only, but doers.

In I Chronicles 28, David was given instruction to orchestrate the gathering together of the materials to build the temple...he was encouraged to be strong and "do it".  And when Solomon was then handed the huge task of overseeing the actual construction, his father, David, implored him, also, to be strong, courageous and "do it".

And then, the same instruction is given to us, in essence, two times - once in Ecclesiastes 9:10

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, DO IT with thy might;"

And, then again in Colossians 3:23

"And whatsoever ye do, DO IT heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" 

And there lies the crux of the matter.

Are all my efforts in all that I do in toilets, or whatever else it may be....done with every ounce of energy and enthusiasm I can muster? Am I doing it well?

And, who am I doing it for?  True, I wanted to please my husband.  That's not a bad thing!  But, really, it's not even the ultimate motivation. the verse above?...

*WHATSOEVER* ye do....anything...everything....

do it heartily - with effort....with energy..with enthusiasm....

TO        THE       LORD!

That should be my motivating factor.  If it needs to be done, and it's my job to do it, I need to do it for the Lord.  That knowledge alone should be sufficient motivation for doing it all!

The little hymn came into my mind, as I cleaned today.

"There’s a work for Jesus, ready at your hand,
’Tis a task the Master just for you has planned.
Haste to do His bidding, yield Him service true;
There’s a work for Jesus none but you can do.
  • Refrain:
    Work for Jesus, day by day,
    Serve Him ever, falter never; Christ obey.
    Yield Him service loyal, true,
    There’s a work for Jesus none but you can do."

Okay, so I am sure it was written with evangelism in mind.  But, this home of mine is my field of service! It's where God has called me to labour for HIM!   And, that includes cleaning toilets.  It's not a job for the children ( what KIND of mother would I be to expect them to do that! ), and my husband shouldn't have to resort to doing it, simply because I haven't got on and done it.  So, in essence, it is a work that "only *I* can do", as the hymn suggests!!!

And, as the first part of verse 2 says...

"There’s a work for Jesus, humble though it be,"

Humbler than cleaning toilets? must come in a fairly high classification on the "humble" stakes!

So, my lesson for today?....

well, just "do it"!

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