Friday, 30 March 2012

The Writing on the Wall....a give away!

I have just had THE most wonderful few days.

The Lord knows just how to make us smile, through His blessing of friendship.

I have laughed, and talked...laughed some more, and talked some more.

I have been challenged.

I have been blessed.

I have, VERY much been encouraged.

All because the Lord set in motion a series of events that start waaaaaaaaay back.

Had I not been feeling discouraged using our old curriculum, I would not have been looking for a new curriculum.

Had I not been using a new curriculum, I would not have found out about an online conference to encourage homes-school Mum's.

Had I not signed up for the conference, I would have not heard a certain lady speaking, named Heidi St John, and started to follow her on Facebook.

Had I not signed up for Facebook, I would have not known there was a group of ladies on there who used Tapestry of Grace.

Had I not joined the Tapestry of Grace group, Tandy Hogate would not have known I lived in the UK.

Had I not offered my help to give information for Heidi St John's trip to Europe, then she wouldn't have come to stay with me.

Had Heidi not come to stay with me, I would not have met a very special "kindred spirit"...

I didn't know all of this, when my days were tough, and I was wrestling with home-schooling.  When I felt like giving up.  When I cried, and the children cried.

But...God did! He had it planned ALL this time.  He brought Heidi into my  life "for such a time as this" a time when I had once again felt discouraged...under spiritual attack.  He brought a couple who serve Him, by encouraging Home-schooling families, RIGHT into my home!

Never under-estimate God's providence.  You may need to wait YEARS to see why things have happened in your life, but you WILL see that God works all things together for good.

It just thrilled my heart this afternoon, as I thought this sequence of events through.

It brings utter joy, and humbling amazement.

We are told in everything give thanks.

It wasn't easy to be thankful in those trying times.

But, praise God, it's certainly easy to give thanks now...heartfelt thanks.

I am thankful that the Lord ordered that the paths of Caroline Cordle and Heidi St John should cross!  And, I pray that they not only met, but they will travel alongside one another for a looooong time, albeit on the other side of the world!

I am thankful, too, for her godly, patient (with my children who just wanted to TALK to him, ALL.THE.TIME.) and fun husband, Jay.

And for her 3 lovely girls...Savannah, Sierra and Saylor...who were here, too.  The older girls willingly, and kindly, helped with jobs on Thursday.  They are sweet, sincere and really lovely young ladies.  And, sweet, soooooo good, little Saylor - who just adapted to the whacky hours that were involved with travel and commitments.

Savannah and Saylor

The ace photographer, Sierra!

I will post a bit more about the visit another day, but I just wanted to share the blessing of seeing God's hand in the events of the past, that lead to the blessing of the present!

BUT, in a way of passing on the blessing, I am going to do a give-away!  

In order to support their ongoing ministry, which is not a salaried position, Jay has been producing beautiful, vinyl wall lettering to sell.  They VERY kindly gifted us with some lettering, which he then put up for us.

It is up on the wall in our kitchen, and I plan to put some family photos around the lettering!

Here is a close up, which shows it in more detail...

This still doesn't really show how lovely it actually IS!

So, as a give-away, I have a slightly different one to offer. This was very kindly donated to me by Jay and Heidi, to give away on here!  The one which is up for grabs, is...

I have one of these as well, and I plan to put it above our bed, with pictures of out children underneath! Had we not fallen in love, we wouldn't be blessed with our lovely children!  God is good!

Have a look at all jay's range, on his website.

So, how do you win one?

You have several opportunities.

1) Simply make a comment under this post.
2) For another entry, blog about the give-away on your own blog and share the link in the comments below.
3) For a THIRD entry, share the link for the give-away on your FB page, and post under the FB link that you have shared it!
4) For a FOURTH entry, share the website link for the lettering that Jay sells, on your FB page or blog.

So, there you have it....the opportunity to win some lovely lettering to put on your wall! There are detailed instructions on the website, about how to apply the lettering - it's really quite simple.

So, get sharing!  Better still, get buying from Jay's website, and help support them in their labours for the Lord.

And, don't forget...whatever trials you are going through today, God has a purpose for them, - and I pray they will be as encouraging as the blessings I have had this week! 


  1. I love reading about your visit! I too have been so blessed by the TOG group and have been able to meet two lovely ladies in person!

  2. I love wall lettering!! I even looked into getting some from the US!

    Dawn MacKenzie

  3. What is the website for the lettering?

  4. Beautiful post by a beautiful lady. What a sweet heart you have!xo

  5. That is so lovely and yes, yes, yes I would love some lettering I found the website too :-)

  6. Very lovely! Can't wait to hear more about her talk! xx

  7. I have also shared Jay's website on my fb page :-)

  8. I have also blogged about your giveaway here

  9. Wish I had been there; did you film it?

  10. Well, I'm going to comment *and* share this, not because of the giveaway, but because of the wonderful acknowledgement of the way God works. Truly His ways are perfect and are 'beyond finding out'. Our minds see only a tiny part of the 'tapestry of Grace', but he He works the whole plan of our lives out perfectly. I loved this post, and felt your own joy and thankfulness jump out through the, 'screen'! x

  11. Great blogpost, Caroline! I had not read this one. What a joy to be part of your story. Now if only WE could meet! :)