Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My friend Justin, and my husband's friend, Al'

We have two friends in our home.

They appear often, but don't reside here permanently.

Lurkers...that's who they are....LURKERS!

Their name crops up every so often, but we are pretty selective whose friend is who's.

My friend is Justin.  I have MANY female friends who are friends with Justin as well.  VERY good friends.

Robert's friend is Al'. He gets a mention on a fairly regular basis, and many men I know seem to be on good terms with him.

They have a full name...

"Justin Case"


"It'll be Al' Right"

You've heard of them before??!!

YOU are friends with Justin as WELL!?!?

Well, you know what I am referring to, then?!

"we need to get the swinging crib up so on...I will be 36 weeks in about 10 days...you just never know, I could be early and it would be good to have it up 'Justin Case'.."

You SEE...there he is....my friend "Justin".

What would my lovely husband say?

"you know, 'It will be Al' Right'...."

The number of times I have been befriending "Justin" whilst he rubs shoulders with "Al'"....I couldn't number them. Really, I couldn't.

It used to frustrate me, that HE couldn't be friends with Justin, like me.  Isn't Justin a better friend to have than Al'? Justin is more dependable, and helps you makes sure you have all bases covered.  But Al'?....surely he can't be relied on for anything? That can't be the best friend to accompany you through thick and thin.

But, do you know what I realised?  God, in His wisdom, made women and men differently.  He created us womenfolk in such a way, that we think things through, think ahead, plan, make provision and organise.  So, we are friends with Justin.  HE is the friend who makes sure that we have thought through every possible scenario and are ready for ANYTHING.

Sick child in the house?...

..sick bowls ready everywhere a child may roam

...towels on pillows to catch any mess and make clearing up easier

....cleaning materials at the ready

....spare bed linen in the master bedroom, ready to grab in the night

...all because we like to have our friend Justin in action!

Husbands?...."It'll be Al' Right....."

They go with the flow...tend to be more laid back...live in the moment.  And, we need that balance.  If our husbands were running around, akin to a headless chicken, making sure everything was as prepared and ready for every little scenario, at the same time as us, chaos COULD ensue!!!

We need their laid back and calming approach, alongside our more "thinking of every detail" approach, to have marriage that has balance and harmony.

We wouldn't really want it any other way, would we?  As frustrating as it can be, when sometimes we want to plan, plan, plan...and they tell us to slow down and calm down "It will be Al' right", and Justin keeps trying to push in.  We NEED to sometimes listen, and slow down.  If it's something that REALLY doesn't matter, it's ok to just relax, and embrace the principles of Al'.

The rest of the time?..keep friendly with Justin, and even when your husband says to you, after your efforts have been unnecessary, "SEE, I told you it would be Al' Right", you can rest in the knowledge that YOU know the number of times that Justin was all too useful, in order for his friend Al' to be there at all!


  1. :) That is very so well done, C.... and yes, the characters are recognizable here too (though I'm not quite as friendly with Justin as I probably ought to be. ;)

  2. You see....when I'm on good terms with 'Justin', then I can also be friends will 'Al'.... If Justin is not around then neither is Al.... :-) In other words Al cannot be around here if Justin is away... Perhaps Al should come around sometime when Justin is out?

  3. LOL Angela! So true...as I said, I am fairly sure it's a male/female thing!

  4. am i the only one where we both are justin?