Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chatting on the Farmhouse Porch

Well,'s been a few weeks since I sat and chatted with you on the porch.  The weather here has been sooooo lovely and spring-like, that I wish I had a porch to sit out on myself! 

So, onto the questions! 

1. What's your favourite type of chair?

Well, I am not very sure! I like it to be comfortable, so I think that a sofa.  I always sit in the same spot, on the same sofa (nearest a socket to plug in my laptop!)  Our present sofa isn't all that comfortable, but better than the last one.  Both were given to us, so we are very grateful, but we would like to save up and buy something new.

I would also love a rocker-glider chair.  I have a rocking chair, but it's quite high, and I can't sit with my feet on the floor to rock it!

2.  What was the last play you saw?

Hmmmmmm......I have never really been to the Theatre.  I went to see Sleeping BEauty, the ballet.  I have been to plenty of classicla concerts, BC....(before children!).   So, the last play I saw, was probably our school play, in High School! I wasn't in it - I helped do the make-up, though! (We weren't allowed to take part in the acting....I LONGED to do it, as it was a musical! lol)  It was Calamity Jane!  It was a lot of fun just to be involved, and I knew all the songs and lines along with the people actually IN it!

"Nowwwwwww I shout it from highest hills........."

"Oh, the deadwood stage is a comin' on over the plain....."

etc etc!

If you fancy listening to a bit of Doris, click play! :-)

3.  If you could spend an all expenses paid week in a cabin in the mountains, a cottage at the beach, or a townhouse in a city with lots of great attractions, which would you choose?

Oooooh, this is a bit tricky! I LOVE the seaside!  We live a looooong way from the seaside here - ok, well not as far as some folks in the USA live from the seaside....but for a girl who grew up in Scotland, where you are never too far from the sea, over 2 hours is ridiculous!  I love the sound of the it looks, in all the sun used to set behind Arran, as you went over the road to Stewarton....sun reflecting on the rippling waves...*sighs*

A City break?!?!  No way.  Not if Ihad the other 2 choices! I enjoy the odd trip to London - I find the old buildings and the history fascinating, but it wouldn't be a first choice.

No, this Scottish lass loves her mountains!  I not only live far from my beloved sea, but nowhere near any mountains....we passed a small hill on the way to our holiday in February, and the children exclaimed "look at the mountain"....whilst I sat objecting, shaking my head, and sighing in sadness, at my poor, uneducated children! 

I miss my we drive north, the odd time we get back to Scotland, I start to get happy as we hit the Lake District...MOUNTAINS!  you can't beat 3D scenery...Bedfordshire is pretty flat! 

We stayed in a cabin in the mountains, as I believe I mentioned before, when we went to Vermont on holiday, when I was in my teens.  They loved their view over into the valley SO much, that they had the house lifted up on stilts, and added a basement, so that the lounge could have the same view as the upper floors! It was truly glorious...looking out over the trees, down into the valley. 

We also stayed in Aviemore, with my family, several years ago.  It was grogeous!

this was the view from up in Cairngorms...stunning!

Now I am getting all longing and sighing!

So, without much of a doubt, it would be the cabin in the mountains!

4.  What's your favourite condiment? 

Ooooooooookkkkkkkkk....favourite CONDIMENT!!?  Not one I have ever thought long and hard about! It depends what I am eating, I guess??  So, here's a quick run down...

I like sweetcorn relish in my tuna mayo...

I like brown sauce on a corned beef sandwich...

I like red sauce on grilled cheese sandwiches...

I like mango chutney in a bacon sandwich...

I like any fruit chutney in a cheese or ham sandwich..

I like my own, homemade mix on potato wedges....

I like mayo on a chicken sandwich...

I like salad cream on  a potato sandwich....

How to make a pregnant woman verrrrrrrry hungry!!!!

5.  What's your favourite breed of dog?

Not difficult, really.  I grew up with them, and if I *EVER* had a dog, I doubt we would consider anything else...

  An, oh-so-cute, rather dopey, but fun English Springer Spaniel! 

We had one growing up - Kim.  She was lovely! She was bouncy, and rather dopey, but she'd just curl up by you in the evening.  We used to love her licking our feet, when we were younger! It tickled...and she must have been crazy!

Although, I think the funniest 2 moments were an American friend feeding her some Vindaloo.....(ohhhhhh yes!)....and giving her raisins in here bowl of water and laughing as she tried to get them out! (were we wicked owners that  needed to be reported to the SSPCA?!) 

If Robert and I got one, our only fight would and white, or liver and white?!  Their dog, growing up, was a black and white, called Heidi! Ours was a liver and white.

As things stand, with all our commitments....errrrr, children....we couldn't have a pet as well.

So nice chatting, Patrice!  

Say "hi" to Wendell! ;-)


  1. Poor dog - eating Vindaloo. The raisin scene does sound funny, though.

    We have mountains. Really. Big. Mountains. I'd offer them to you but nothing is the same as the place where you grew up, is it?

  2. I also love the beach and mountains. The city can be a nice contrast, but it wouldn't be my first choice. You have such a thorough list for condiments. Wow! You really put some thought into that one. What a cute puppy! Have a great week-