Saturday, 1 September 2012

Baking something new...yummmmmmmmmmmy

I've been busy.

I will post about that when I have time to finish the complex nature of the detail involved in my post.

Nothing amazing - just new school things!

But, to keep you going, how about I share a new recipe I tried today?

I have read The Pioneer Woman, on and off, for years now.  I used her recipe for cinnamon rolls (hmmm, must make them again - they are also yummy!), but had never tried anything else.

So, when my lovely friend Anne mentioned that she had baked some minty, yummy brownie thingies, I felt I must try them. And, they were from The Pioneer Woman.   Now, I am not a mint fan.  Unless, of course, it is WITH chocolate.  Anything + chocolate = pretty guaranteed winner.  Well, NEARLY anything.  Not chillies.  You know who you are....

So, the recipe.  She calls them Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites.

That's exactly what they are, so the perfect name, really!

She has some typically classy pictures, but I took some to show what I did.

I want to tell you about my tin, first.  It's from Lakeland, and they call it a "mini morsel tin".  I have previously used it to make mini tarts.  I made little strawberry ones, and mini lemon meringue ones.  A certain person thought that they were shop bought - I think that's a compliment, and I shall take it as such.  They did look pretty, all uniform and meringue topped, filled with tangy, lemony yumminess.

I digress.

It's a great tin.  Non-stick.  You just need a good spray of one of these oil sprays, and the contents come out nicely after baking.  If you look carefully, you will see the tin has, indeed, been sprayed.

If you do a lot of baking, especially for Church teas where you want bite-sized treats, this tin is fab.  It's not cheap, but worth the money.

Non-profit making advertising over.

I then put the mix, which was VERY easy to make, into the tin.

You see, I am SO not a cookery photographer, that I had to take this with the oven door open, as I remembered just after I put them in.... dipsy... that's me. 

Oh, let me just say.  I used After Eights (well, Sainsbury's own version), rather than Andes mints.  Whatever they are.  I did the first lot in a bowl, over simmering water.  It went in a lump and I thinned it with some boiling water.  It worked out fine.  When I needed the melted concoction for coating the bites, I nuked it in the microwave.  It worked better, but was still a tad thick, so the boiling water got added again.  Maybe our After Eights are not quite like their chocolate mint things.  I made it work, anyway.

They didn't take long to cook, and are just like little brownies - same flaky top.

Which you can't see because they are upside-down.

There's one missing?


Hmmmm, where did that go?


They are yum just like that, but the next step takes it to the dreamy delicious status.

I didn't take a picture whilst doing this.  My fingers were seriously covered in choclatey, minty yumminess.  I may, or may not, have had to lick my fingers once I had finished.

You wanna see them?

Ooooooooh, yeah!


Just like I said.

I am pretty certain I have seen orange thins in the shop.  Chocolate orange is one of my very favourite chocolatey goodness.  I feel I must try that next.  It may be wrong not to.

Sadly, some fell apart when coming out the tin.

Sad.  Very sad.  SO sad, they had to be eaten.  Maybe with some of the left-over chocolate covering globbed on top.  


Just, maybe.

Oh, and the recipe made nearly 48 of this "morsel".  Well, it should have meant there were nearly 48 completed.  SHOULD have. 

So, go on!! DIY!  You will not regret it!


  1. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman, Caroline! She has a show on the Food Network over here. I need to send you a box of Andes mints! They're nothing like After Eights, but I'm so glad you were able to make them work. They're completely solid and dense - no oozy stuff in the middle. These look delish, and I can't wait to make them! xx

  2. You ought to have a Government Health Warning before posting that! They look seriously yummmmmy!
    Love the tin... *LOVE* the bites!

  3. Have we got something similar, Rachel, as you remember? Would Elizabeth Shaw mints be closer - with the little crunchy mint bits in them? I will have to work it out! :-)