Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 1 - All seasons have a purpose {5 days of Spring life-lessons}

I often hear people bemoan the miseries of winter.  Dark days.  Cold.  Rain. Inside more. Bleak.

I have to say, I quite like being tucked up warm inside, with the weather doing its things outdoors.  I like getting up whilst it is still dark, and doing my devotions in the quietness, lamp switched on, feet tucked up.

Having said all that, I ADORE the spring.  What a joy it was, yesterday, to go out for a big long walk with the children, soaking up the unseasonably warm sun, and looking at the signs of spring appearing all around us - blossom on the trees; bulbs blooming all around; the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass; birds singing; sun shining.  It was wonderful!

Over the last few days I have noticed the light afternoons, pushing into the evening, and it will just be a few weeks until the clocks change here in the UK, making it even brighter. I got out into the garden and tidied up things that hadn't been sorted at the end of the last growing season, due to me being in the end of pregnancy, and then having had Tabitha.  Our amazingly mild winter has meant that plants have survived that normally die, and things are already ahead of their growing season.  A total reverse of last year! It was lovely to get out, and see things tidied up, and feel the fresh air on my cheeks.

The Lord has shown me so much, over these last past few days.  I feel very much full of hope and encouragement.  I am seeing things through the eyes of a new season. I am going to share with you some of the lessons I have learnt, all through this week, with a different thought each day.

All seasons have a purpose 

The words of the wise King Solomon are good to remember as the seasons change.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

When we consider that EVERY season is for a purpose, and we take a step back to consider what it might be, it helps us as we walk through it.  Here are just a few that I have learnt just lately.


Yesterday, my lovely husband was preaching on this verse, one of my favourites

"for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

You could easily slip the word "season" in there, in place of state.  Our "state" is our circumstances. It's where we are RIGHT NOW.  Where GOD wants us to be.  Whatever season that is, we need to learn contentment, and to see that we are there for a God-given purpose.  We have to stop, and ask "what do you want me to learn here, Lord?".  We need to be able to be satisfied with our circumstances, and to not be looking to be somewhere else, or doing something else.  Not be hankering after a new season, when it's not time to move into it yet.

At the moment, I am finding this season of change a challenge.  Simeon is such a handful, but it's all a part of him growing, learning and becoming one day, if the Lord wills, a young man.  Shaping and working with his strong will can be so testing, but I KNOW it's just a season.  Already I am seeing changes, and encouragements.  The hard times don't last forever, and I know, based on going through this season 6 times already, there are better days ahead.  I need to simply be content with my circumstances, even when it brings challenges.  It's where God wants me to be right now.

I am sure you have you own set of circumstances. Maybe you have children who are a struggle, too. Maybe it's a health issue.  Perhaps it's finances or employment. Whatever it is, you need to be content as you brave out the "winter" days.  Spring IS coming.

No matter where we are, whatever our situation, we can find a lesson to learn.

Like the weather at this time of year, we can look forward to spring, but there may still be days when the weather suddenly flips, and we feel more like it is winter again. I can remember a random snowy day in late March last year!

Don't be discouraged when this happens in your life.  Spiritually speaking, we need to take those days and learn from them, too.  Take each day as it comes, being thankful, and willing to learn, in each and every day.


Winter can be gloomy and dull, but we need it.  In the garden, it gives a rest from the busier times we have in the other seasons.  There is less to be done in the garden, because the cooler weather restricts growth, and gives plants a break. However, things like bulbs are secretly doing growing under the ground, building up energy ready to spring up in the spring.  Colder weather also makes plants stronger and hardier.

Spiritually speaking, it's good to remember that even in the "winter" days, when things seem bleak, cold and dead, that there is still growth happening.  We might not see it until we are into a new a season of life, but it's helping make us stronger, as we rely more upon the Lord through trials or low moments. When we see our weakness, and instead rely on God's strength.

Likewise, we need the spring.  As a Christian, there MUST be growth.  Just like a gardener will tend his plants, we also must tend our spiritual lives. We must not neglect God's Word, and speaking to the Lord in prayer.  Daily, we need to renew our strength and grow up in Christ, desiring the meat of the Word.


Spring is a time of new beginnings. Everything starts to spring to life again, and we see change and growth happening again.  Everything is brighter, cheerier, warmer and more hopeful.

So it is spiritually, when we enter into a season of "spring".  We can see growth, development and encouragements. There is change.  There is hope.

It's also when you put the past behind you.  This is a NEW season.  The old has gone, the new has begun.  We cannot keep dwelling on the dark days, and reliving them.  We need to embrace the new, with thankfulness in our hearts.  All those days with trials and hardships are NOT today.  Today is fresh.  It's new.  We can go forward, learning from the season that's past, to make the new season better.

As we think about this new season this week, and what we can learn from it, I trust you are encouraged, as you face the "new", and spring into spring with me, with a hope-filled heart.

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  1. Your posts are so encouraging. You are a blessing to many. Thank you.