Monday, 24 March 2014

Give me unction in my gumption {help me function}

First off, let me tell you about an awesome discovery.

I discovered a children's internet radio station, which you can pick up on your iPod, or through iTunes on your computer. It's called "Abiding Radio Kids".  It's a 24 hour station, playing scripture based and character building songs.  It includes Patch the Pirate, which I grew up with and still love! I often turn it on when we are doing jobs in the kitchen, and nearly every morning whilst they eat breakfast, as a good start to the day.

This morning, it was just me, a kitchen to clean, and the radio.  I was enjoying having it play in the background, then a family favourite came on. "Give me oil in my lamp". We sing that a LOT, as it is a favourite of our Susie. She doesn't hear the best, and she always thought we were singing "Sing SUSANNA", so now we DO sing it that, one of the repeats! Anyway, it did a few different "verses", like the "Joy in my heart" one. Then, there was one I hadn't heard before.

"Give me unction in my gumption, help me function"!!!

I laughed! I SO "got" the sentiment of that, although I am sure that parents need that more than children.

I googled the actual defintion of each of those words.

Unction - "the action of anointing someone with oil or ointment as a religious rite or as a symbol of investiture as a monarch."

Gumtpion - "shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness."

Function - "work or operate in a proper or particular way."

What does it mean, then?

We all have jobs we need to do - things that we need to be ale to "function" to get done.

We need the Holy Spirit, to give us everything we need, to get our jobs done.

We NEED it.

WE RELY on it.

Best of all - HE CAN GIVE IT!!!

I have SO many days, when my energy is low, and I seem to have so much to do.  There are even days where I am tired enough to wonder how I can function in a basic way. Like, be awake and breathing!

Do you have days like that?

Hey, who am I kidding?  WE ALL DO! We all have days when we wonder how we can get it all done, but all we need is prayer.

I know ladies, right now, who are going through HARD days - pregnancy sickness, fatigue, illness, stress and pressure in work. Their days are WAY harder than mine.

"give me...." is how those words of that song began. We are ASKING God to give us all we need.  WE are raising our voice, in simple prayer, to ask for the needed strength for the day.

It's a new week, with lots ahead of us, I am sure.  Maybe it seems daunting.  Maybe it seems like too much to handle.  Maybe you are just plain tired out, before you even start.

Do you need some unction in your gumption to function?

JUST ASK!  He'll provide.

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  1. Let me have the privilege to comment first. Even I struggled a bit to understand the meaning of this line and it let me here. Wonderful explanation sister. God bless you.
    We listen to Psalty the song book . Will check out this pirate as well. Thanks for sharing.