Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day {it's every day}

Yesterday, here in the UK, it was "Mother's Day".

Imagine visions of mother getting a lie in, breakfast in bed, flowers, cards, gifts aplenty. Having a relaxing day without a care in the world.



No, I didn't have a day like that.  Yet, the world has put in people's minds that that is the day we DESERVE - that we SHOULD get.  If we don't someone is failing in some way - husband, children, or even you.

No, no, NO!!!

Now, I am not saying that showing your mother love and kindness - appreciation for what they do - is bad.  I gave my own Mum a card, and a gift. I appreciate all she has done, and what she still does.  I have a problem with it being expected, or forced upon you.

Yesterday, I had 2 lovely cards. One from Robert, thanking me for being a mother to our children.  One from the children, thanking me for being their mother.  I had my dinner made for me, and I got a packet of Rolos from Robert, in memory of our early courting days when I sent him "my last Rolo" at one stage! (Not everyone will understand that....some will).

I still had a wonderful day, because I filled my heart with the things that matter most - that should matter EVERY day.

The thing that matters most is that I give thanks to God.  That I give thanks EVERY DAY, for my blessings.  God gave them to ME - to US. It quite clearly states in the Bible that God gives life. I am so incredibly thankful for the lives He gave me, that MAKE me a mother.  I gave thanks for the good times - I gave thanks for the hard times.  "In EVERYTHING give thanks". There is always something to be thankful for, in every situation.  Even yesterday, I had a poorly little boy, with a raised temperature and very clingy.  I gave thanks that I had the chance to sit down and just cuddle him, because it was the Lord's Day, a day of rest. That the older children were doing jobs, so that I could be free to sit down with him.  That it meant I had a nap, because he napped on me. The boy who never naps!

I gave thanks to God for the blessings I have been given, in all eight of our children.  I pondered their individualities, and their precious characteristics. Eight of them - every one different.  All with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

I am thankful for my expanded, stretch-mark filled, flabby tummy, which bore every one of them.

I am thankful for the father of my children, who loves them all very much, and cares for us all so well. I am thankful that he still finds me beautiful, after all that my body has been through to bear our children!

I didn't need presents from them - just their PRESENCE is a gift enough for me. Every moment, of every day, is a gift. It's so easy to get caught up in the hard moments, and forget that every moment is a joy, and gift to be treasured.  We don't even have tomorrows to take joy in - we have NO idea what tomorrow holds.  Just today.  As each day is given, with our children in it, we must give thanks, and take joy in that gift.

Dismiss the pressures from the world to think that cards and gift-giving matter most.  You HAVE the gift, the gift of your children.

That is all that matters.

Oldest girls, in their new "Sunday best", which they get new every spring.

Boys, in their new clothes, too.

Tabitha - in her new hat! (I crocheted it on the way to a wedding the other day, when I realised she had no hat to match her outfit!!  Not at all essential, but it kept me busy in the car, and my mind less upon the fact we were delayed and very late!)

My sleeping Simeon, yesterday.


  1. You have a beautiful, precious family and a talent for reminding us what matters most. Thank you.

  2. What beautiful photos of beautiful kids ... yep, that's gift enough, I'd say :)

    (though chocolates or a cuppa and cake would never be refused either ;) )
    Anne x