Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet {Knocked for 6, Kindness and Ka-ching!)

Well, this week has been interesting.  With great thankfulness, I found that the children were on the mend.

With great dismay, I realised I was getting the virus they had in the midst of the "Pox epidemic". Sunday evening, I was already feeling ill, and headed to bed at shortly after 7pm.  Yes, SEVEN pm. Any who know me well would know that was an indicator of some sort of illness!

Monday, I felt even worse. I got more unwell as the moments passed, and ended up going up to bed for a kip, late morning.  That is also rare for me.  I rarely sleep in the daytime, unless pregnant (which I am no) or ill (which I most certainly was).  I got up from my sleep and felt even worse. I had a high temperature, aches, and even had pins and needles in my arms at one point. I felt like I had totally been knocked for 6 - total wipeout.

Thankfully, the children were very good, and didn't cause me any issues, whilst I lay, feeling half dead, on the sofa. Part way through the afternoon, my very kind friend, and neighbour, provided me with Ibuprofen, and by the end of the afternoon I was starting to feel a bit better.  I managed to eat the kebab my hubby brought home for me to eat (well, not ALL of it, but most), and he brought the children sausages and chips (large, chunky french fries, not potato chips, American folks!).  There was simply no way that I could have cooked dinner, and it was hard enough to eat it!

The next day, I thought I felt better, but got worse through the day again. I realised the Ibuprofen, although not friends with my tummy, was necessary to survive! Again, I felt better as the day progressed, and managed another kip whilst the children had lunch and cleared up.

I have to say, at times like this, I am very thankful that I have taken the time to train the children to help around the house.  Other than feeding Tabitha (milk feeds) and changing nappies, they did everything else, including making me things to eat both days. They were able to feed themselves (they COULD have made a dinner, but Robert got "easy" things in both days), and do tidying up, as well as looking after the little ones. It's a blessing to have them so willingly do these things.

I was also very thankful for kindness shown by various people.  The children have massively enjoyed making loom bracelets, with the loom bands sent from my "Secret Sister". I bought them some more, and they are being created at an amazing rate!

I am thankful for my kind husband, who uncomplaining brought dinner back bother nights. It was so helpful to know that was taken care of.

I am thankful for a Church friend, who today brought some crafty activities for the children to do, to keep them occupied as they get over the chickenpox.  I also got flowers, too, which are always gratefully received! Beautiful yellow roses! Such a kind thought and demonstration of kindness, blessing us all in that way.

It's caused me to ponder whether I am as kind as I could be, when others are in need.  I must never underestimate how much even a small act of kindness is appreciated, when someone has been going through a difficult time.  I need to think of ways that I can still show kindness, even though we are often so busy and close to home. It's certainly a trait that should be a mark of our love for Christ, and our following after Him.


The "Ka-ching" part?

Auntie Anna is selling her cards at a village event tomorrow, and happened to mention that when she was at an event, last week, that someone was selling loom bracelets for 50p each. (you know, loom bands? If you don't know, you havne' tgot a child aged from about 5 to about 27.... ok, maybe somewhere in the teens...) This lady sold 80, and made £40! Well, my children heard that and thought "Ka-ching"! They have since been busily making bracelets, in the hope they make some summer spending money! I think it's great to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, from an early age.  So, I am really hoping they get plenty made, and plenty sold. They have until lunchtime tomorrow to make as many as they can, because after lunch, Josh will go and help his Auntie at the event, and hopefully sell, sell, sell!

I have been kindly been given several by the children so far, but have a feeling they have been snaffled back, to recycle into sellable objects! 

I am thankful to have us all on the mend, and hope that the next two weeks will see us finishing up for our summer break, and school over for a few weeks. YAY!

Ben and Me

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