Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tapestry on a Tuesday {Timelines - with a review of Timeline Cards}

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I want to share with you about a wonderful resource, for anyone who is, or will be, studying Ancient History.

When Janeen, from Sprouting Tadpoles, asked for people to review her new printable product, I jumped at the chance. As part of Tapestry of Grace, they suggest that you make a Timeline.  It was one of the things that we did not do the first time through, and I had wanted to pick up this time. Due to the fact that I had been finding it hard to find good resources, which were cheap, or free, I had kind of put it off.  You can, of course, make your own Timeline, adding in dates or pictures yourself.  I personally like the concept of having the images and dates laid out for you.

Time saving, we call it.

Or something like that.

Janeen's product is simply perfect for Tapestry of Grace users.  She has produced a set of printable cards - 136 different images/events. Included are 4 different sizes of cards, which could be used in lots of different ways. I will show you how we are using them, in a moment.  They cover the period from Creation to the Early Greeks. There are a set, in each size, with dates, and a set without dates. You could use all of one, all of another, or mix and match if you find you have come to a different conclusion about certain dates.

The largest size fits 4 onto one printed page.  You could use these to make cards which the children can write facts onto the reverse. There is an option to print lines on the backs of these cards, for this purpose.

The next size fits 8 on a page. These are "Top Trump" size, and you could make them into a game, or print doubles of some of them and play games like pairs or snap. You could print one set with dates, and one without, and have the children try and memorise the dates of each one. Lots of games and fun could be had with this size!

The next size down fit 16 per page and could equally be used for games, or notebooking type pages.

The smallest fits 32, and this is the size I went for.

Janeen has also included some ideas for  memory work and copywork, (including printable tables) as well as suggestions for how to use them in a Timeline, including one with a map, to identify WHERE these events were taking place!

I found a timeline that seemed to fit the periods of time I wanted to cover per page - 500 years.  This works better for older dates, when there was less "happening".  I would want to do it differently as history progresses, as more happens in shorter periods of time - just think what has happened in the last hundred years, never mind any other century!

I cellotaped the pages together, so they folded out into one long timeline, but also fold back up neatly, in the folder.

Now, having begun using it, I realise that the timeline I printed starts way before when we actually believe creation to have been. I wouldn't use that one again.  I also finding that I am struggling to fit on all the printed pictures, for some of the 500  year periods.  I am thinking of adding a page that flips up and down, to add to the "height" of some of the pages, to fit more in.

We decided that we would place the information in a certain order.  Below the centre line we will put Biblical events up to the time of the early Church, then after that time we will place British history events. Above the line we have worked from Egypt nearest the line, to further afield places closer to the top of the page.  This may not work out as we go through time, but it's working for us just now.

Also below the line we are adding in any dates, events or people covered in Tapestry of Grace which are NOT in the printable set.  There are not many, so far, that we felt we needed to add in.

You could do things in a far more detailed way than we are doing, but already we are finding it's helping us to understand how the world was developing at the same time as Biblical events, rather than stand alone events and developments.

We are keeping all the not yet used pictures in a little clip lid pot. I have them arranged by date.

I really love these Timeline Cards.  They are very comprehensive, with so many dates and events included in the package. Janeen has put in a lot of time an effort, to provide us with a quality, and versatile, product!

You can purchase this set from Janeen, but how about this for a bargain?  This product is currently available in the 4th-6th Grade Bundle, in the Build your Bundle sale, OR as an individual item to add to your "Build your Own" Bundle option!  For $39 you can get these Timeline cards, along with all the other products you see below.  Click on the image to go to the Build Your Bundle site, to see more information.

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Also, if you want another piece of good news, they are offering a "Buy 2, get one FREE" deal, on the bundles! (They have to either be all "Build your own" or all pre-assembled, you choose!)  This is a fantastic deal, especially if you have children of different ages you would like to buy for.

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Whatever you do, get your hands on these Timeline Cards! They are a fantastic tool for anyone learning about Ancient History, and will help you with working on a Timeline in your school setting. 

You can buy them *directly* from Sprouting Tadpoles e-shop, for the knock-down price of $5. $5 well spent, I say!  On her site, you will also find some lovely, FREE printables, which are a fantastic educational tool, too.  

Thank you, Janeen, for producing these cards!


  1. are more current dates available. We are doing year 3 this year

    1. I'm afraid not, Monique, though I have suggested she do more eras!