Thursday, 17 July 2014

Stuck in the mud {getting unstuck}

Have you ever been accused of being a "stuck in the mud"?

I am not sure anyone has called me it, but in my heart I know I am.

Have a keek at the definition


  [stik-in-thuh-muhd]  Show IPA
someone who avoids new activities, ideas, or attitudes; old fogy.

I am TERRIBLE, as mother, for avoiding doing fun things with the children.  My heart wants to, but my practical side shuns things, like the plague, thinking of all the complex reasons why they should be avoided.

Mostly, it's mess-orientated.

I hate creating more mess than children create as a natural by-product of simple existence.




Walks involving extra clothing and equipment.


Yup.  I am that mother.


Except today!!

I decided to get unstuck from the mud.

The children, upon bemoaning the heightened temperatures here in sunny England, requested a "water fight".

Inside, my heart beat faster, my stomach clenched into knots, and my airway restricted slightly.

"Water, equals mess", I thought.

"Water, equals crazy behaviour", I thought.

All the children were thinking was

"Water, equals FUN"!!!!

So, I decided to let it go.

"Let it go, let it go, don't......"

(Sorry, it just came out.)

I let go those feelings of "don't go there", and decided upon "go for it"!!

Not without strict instructions and rules, of course.

1.No coming into the house through the carpeted lounge.
2.No hurting each other.
3.No coming past the utility room.
4.Dry oneself before re-entering the general domicile.
5.Spare clothes ready in the utility room.
6.Towels on the floor to soak up water excess, ready in advance.

Yes, I thought that about covered it.

Of course, before they even got that far we had to sort out the "MUUUUUUUM, Simeon took his nappy off in the garden, and he has WEIRD poo"...

(Simeon + shower + sort out the weird poo in the garden, thankfully deposited on an easy-to-clean surface - weird poo was from blueberries, FYI. VERY weird poo...)

Then, swimwear went on, sunscreen went on, and out they went.

I was VERY impressed with their clever rig up for sprinkling. The hose was pulled up into the tree, set on "sprinkler", and positioned so it sent a fine mist of water over anyone under the tree!  They had SO much fun with that! Then, the general throwing around of water, and getting into a complete, soaked, and happy mess!

Did my rules get adhered to?

Well, not entirely.

Number 1. Check.
Number 2. Check. (Well, one accidental hurt)
Number 3. Erm, no. Several small people were not observed to have come into the house by the others, and were only apprehended by me upon entering the lounge.  Then swiftly lifted off their feet and carried at arm's length back to the utility room!
Number 4. Erm, no. Again, small people issues.  Older ones, check.
Number 5. Check.  Although, quite why a second set of clothes was required, when a perfectly dry, previously removed, original set were available to reapply. Yes, Chinese laundry springs to mind....
Number 6. Check. But MAN were they super-saturated! They certainly did some kind of good, but they SQUELCHED when you walked on them! They needed a spin before I could even wash them.

Yes, a few traces of their fun remain.  Spare beach wear still to be put back in the cupboard. A pile of laundry the size of Mt Everest, in my utility room.

Did it hurt me?


Did they have fun?

Ohhhhhh yes!

Was it worth it?


I really need to learn to be less of a "stuck in the mud".

It's something I can apply to my life in other areas. Have I become boring in my marriage?  Can I think of new things to do which would make us happier and bring us closer together?

As a mother, I KNOW I can make improvements.  I need to be more pro-active in doing fun things, remembering that they grow up soooo quickly, and amidst all our busy-ness and big family life, we need FUN, too.  I need to say "yes" more, to suggestions from the children, instead of being a "no" Mum.

I'm sure I could make improvements with extended family and friends.  Making more effort to meet up, go out, do fun things.

Spiritually, I need to break out of some habits, and improve in certain areas. Not think I have "arrived" in my spiritual  and doctrinal understanding of things, but be willing to read, learn and grow, making changes to my heart and attitudes as necessary.

I'm sure many of you didn't need to learn this lesson - you probably merrily jump into fun activities every second moment.....

I needed this lesson today, and it's one I am glad I learnt. The joy my children experienced, playing in the garden, will stick with me for a long, long time.

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  1. I am the same way! I have never liked the craft mess, and so many other messes that they can possible make....but yes, learning to also let loose about the messiness! (or do them at the play centers, lol!) Thanks for sharing :)
    Rachael @