Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Anniversary give-away is looming!

I just thought I would give a little heads up about my give-away next week!

I currently have several LOVELY give-aways, which I feel reflect the things that I love and try and share on my blog.

We have music, curriculum, home building encouragement and books to help mothers.

I have very generous donations from several different kind ladies, and I can't wait to share about them next week!!

Starting on Monday, through to Friday, I will be having one give-away per day.  Each one will only be available for that day, and will end when I close the comments the following morning.  (I like to give you Pacific dwellers a chance!!  Midnight your end, is morning here! ;-) )

It's lovely to celebrate the opportunity I have, of sharing precious truths from God's word, and my experiences as a wife and mother.  Giving away products that will help others on the same path as myself, is such a blessing.

So, get ready.  The fun starts on Monday!

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