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Matriarchs on a Monday - Michal

It's another one of these ones.  Yes, late!

Well, other than that!

A woman who we can learn from, who isn't the pinnacle of exemplary behaviour.  However, we have a lesson to learn, none-the-less.  Thankfully, the first lesson we learn, is a positive one, before coming next week to the negative.

I need to say again, before I carry on, just how much I have been challenged by studying these women myself.  How many nuggets of truth there are to mine from God's Word.  We won't find them, if we don't READ it!  Cogitate upon it.  SEARCH for what God wants us to see.


The first wife of David - a marriage engineered purely by Saul himself.

Saul conspired to give his daughter, as the wife of David, in order to topple him off the position of importance that Saul perceived him to be in.  He hoped that she could be used to knock him from the "stardom" that he had gained since killing Goliath.  She was simply a playing piece in his game plan.

But he did not account for one thing.


And David's relationship with the Lord.

"And Saul saw and knew that the LORD was with David, and that Michal Saul's daughter loved him."
I Samuel 18:28

This did not please Saul AT.ALL.

He could see these two relationships, and they caused him to fear.

"And Saul was yet the more afraid of David"
I Samuel 18:29

Isn't it remarkable, the effect that these two things can have on those that are not trusting the Lord?   That they can look upon a loving relationship, and on someone who is close to the Lord, and they have FEAR?  He rightly feared, because he could see that they had a special bond as husband and wife, and that David had a special bond with the Lord.  That is something that ought to show in our lives, and cause a reaction from those that observe it.  If we have not got a relationship with the Lord that creates a reaction of SOME sort from the onlookers in our life, then we have not got a relationship at all! 

Likewise in our marriages.  Our love should be evidenced by those around us.  I don't mean we have to be all gooshy and smooshy.  Albeit that may work for some.  But, we have to have a relationship that makes it very clear, to those around us, that we love each other.  

Whether it be the respect we show our husband.

Or, that little glance of love and trust that we exchange with each other.

Perhaps it IS in the way we willingly hold hands, when others are watching.

That we sincerely exchange loving words, or words WITH love.

Our ability to react in a sweet and gentle way, no matter how we are spoken to.

Those little acts of kindness, that show that we love.

Whatever it is...that little thing that makes you as a needs to be seen by others.  They need to see that you love your husband.

Michal's devotion and love toward David was put to the test.  Saul was on the hunt for David, and Michal caught wind of it.  If Saul's plan had been going the way he wanted it to, she would have "given him up" to her father.  Instead, she hatches a covert plan - akin to a spy story, or a child's adventure book.

She discovers that there are men, lying in wait to kill David.

So, she lets him out of the window, and lowers him down in a basket, so he can flee away as fast as he can.  And, in his bed, she uses the age old fact, THIS is the beginnings of the trick that others came to use, one would assume!? She put a bolster in his bed, with camels hair at the top, to LOOK like David.  So, when the men some looking for him, she claims he is ill in bed, and to all intents and purposes, that's what it looks like!  It's only when Saul sends them back AGAIN, and they take a proper look, that the deception in discovered! 

Michal did all she could, knowing he was in danger, to protect David.   She went to inventive lengths, to make sure he was not hurt.

How protective are we of our husband?

Do we see perceived "dangers" and make sure they do not get hurt?  I am not talkign of physical danger, as in someone out "to get him".  Although it COULD happen, I pray that is not relevant to any one of us!

But, what about other "dangers"?  Situations that could harm him?

Being alone with a woman...that could harm him in many ways.  Even if nothing happens, it can harm your reputation (others looking on and wondering what may be going on).  Or, it could put him in a dangerous position of temptation.

How about images that are immodest?  Going somewhere that would tempt him to lust?  Or making sure he is looking at you when you go past a window display with scantily clad images?

What about safety, in a physical sense?  Do you need to respectfully speak to him about wearing his seat belt?   Or drive differently?  This is one that you need to do in a the right way, at the right time, and not nag about once you have said it!!

What about emotionally?  Are there relationships that would harm him, that you can endeavour to avoid?  Friendships, or family members that are harming in some way?

More than else, are you praying for your husband?  That he would not be harmed by his work situation, his friendships and his family life?

We may not physically need to lower him anywhere in a basket (one wonders how BIG some baskets may need to be for that job?.....), but can we do it metaphorically?  Give our husband a way of escape from a situation that could be harmful.

As much as we think of the husband being the protector, WE have many ways that we can also be the loving, gentle protector of our husbands, too.

Let's prayerfully consider how we can protect our husband, and make sure that our love for him is clearly seen by those around us.

And, more than all else - that our walk with God sends fear into those who do not love Him as we do!

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