Thursday, 19 July 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

  1. What's your favorite room in your home?
Well, at the moment I think it's the kitchen!  I am still loving my space, and how bright it is.  When we get the work done in our house, and the drier goes in the utility, I have plans to have a space to use my sewing machine at the bottom end of the kitchen, too!

I also love my lounge, but it still has work to be done.  I think I will love it more when those things are done.  I love my big patio doors, and when it's actually warm (what?...WARM?), we have it open and it's lovely!

2.  If you could go anywhere on a vacation, all expense paid, where would it be?

Now, my lovely friend Anne answered this before I did.  She wrote nearly exactly what I would have written!!!

I would start off in New England, taking my time to explore lovely little towns on the way down.  I would head to Virginia, where there is so much fascinating history to explore.  I would head across America - maybe road tripping it, maybe flying. Actually, I have so many lovely people I would love to meet out there, it would have to be driving, so I could dot around the place to see them all!!! I would head out to the North-western corner, to Oregon and Washington state.  More friends to see.  I would perhaps hop out to Hawaii and back, before then heading back across the continent on the Canada side of the border.  More stunning scenery.  Maybe including some train rides? 

I have no real hankering to go to Asia, although I have seen some stunning scenery in my time.  

I would maybe pop over to the continent to see Italy.

OOOH, I forgot something.  I would LOVE to go to Israel!!! I would love to walk where Jesus walked, and see some of the places i have only ever heard about.  So, knock Egypt, Greece and Rome into that trip, as they were all places mentioned in the Bible!!! THAT would be a pretty amazing trip!!

3.  Were you a girl scout or in any similar program?

nope. In a word! 

4.  What's your favorite frozen treat?

Hmmmmm.  Tricky.

I LOVE Mackies ice cream.  It's amazing.

I LOVE Magnum ice creams.

I LOVE sorbet, of any kind.  So refreshing.

I LOVE Crunchie Blasts.  They have popping candy in the chocolate coating!!!

5.  Are you NASCAR or the elderly lady with the pillbox hat when you drive?

Neither.  I am just an ordinary driver.   

Well, *I* think I am.  My husband seems to think differently.

I have enjoyed, the odd time, driving a car with "oomph" - but the only reason I like them is for their ability to get off the mark quickly, rather than driving fast.  So, at junctions, roundabouts etc. 

Does that make any sense?

Oh, and the children often beg me to do " a Granny driving" impression.  I pull the seat close to the steering wheel, hunch over it, drive REALLLLLY slowly, and keep checking my rear view mirror all the time.  The children find it hilarious!!!!

I only do it when we are on a quiet, back road. With no-one behind us!

It was nice chatting with you again, Patrice!!!  As always! 


  1. I love your travel answer. I wish I had extended my imaginary trip to add a few extra places :) You should add Asia to the list. I spent a month there in 2003 and it was breathtaking.
    Your granny driving impression cracked me up too.

  2. I am trying to picture the granny drive. I think it would be pretty hilarious.

    If you ever do make it to VA, then give me an email. We live in Norther Virginia.

    Oh, and the Magnum bars - are awesome. We would buy them occasionally when we lived in Poland. Yummy!

  3. Love your answer to #2...I want to walk where Jesus walked, too. HOPE you have a great weekend!!!

  4. Your dream vacation sounds wonderful. My hubby and oldest daughter went to the Holy Land a few years ago. I don't recognize many of the frozen treat names, but I do know sorbet and I think it's yummy! Have a good week! Don't forget to drop by the blog next week for our 1 year anniversary for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. :)