Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday give-away - "31 Days to Clean"

First off - YESTERDAY'S WINNER....

It's KERRY THORPE!  Well done Kerry.  I will contact you, so you can have your prize!

Also, apologies that this is up later than I hoped. *blush*

So, onto today!

Have you ever struggled with not only cleaning your house, but having the motivation and spiritual focus to do it?

WHY whould our hosue be clean and tidy?

What motivation SHOULD we have for keeping up with it all?

Well, Sarah Mae's e-book would be great for you!

"31 days to clean", is summed up by its tagline.

Having a Martha house the Mary way

Martha was a server - she was keen to do all she could to serve the Lord, that day in Bethany.

Mary - she wanted to sit at the Lord's feet, and hear His voice as He taught her.


We can busy ourselves, serving in our home, whilst listening to the Lord's voice instructing us HOW we are to serve.  What a joy!

So, what is this e-book?  It is the WHY of cleaning, whilst DOING the cleaning.

As Sarah Mae says in her intro to the book...

"We’re on a journey, a 31 day faith-step journey towards ruling, subduing, and loving.
We are forgoing perfection; we are choosing life."

It's lovely to have someone TELL you what to do every day, whilst immersing yourself in the wisdom of God's Word.  Seeking the heart behind why we should want to have a home that is welcoming in every way.

Sarah Mae gives plenty of practical advice, with some GREAT ideas and tips.  Most of all, she turns our focus inwards, to our own heart, to consider the way in which our serving should be done in our home.  Because that IS what we are doing - serving others. 

If you look here you will see the daily outline of the book, which gives you an idea of what it will do.

Also, they have communities you can join to motivate you as you read through and put it all into action, as well as other helpful resources. 

So, we have THREE of these e-books up for grabs today!! THREE!!!

Same run-down as yesterday....here's how to enter, and it's running for ONE DAY ONLY!

1) you can comment on the post - simple as that!
2) you can share about it on FB, and COME BACK TO COMMENT IN THE POST TO SAY YOU HAVE DONE SO.
3) you can share about it on your blog, and COME BACK TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST.


  1. Awesome. I am so in need of some direction of how to clean my home! Its a pigsty...really. Even my MIL makes comment on it =(

  2. Yes please! Jo x

  3. Shared it on FB!!

  4. Shared it on my facebook! Gail

  5. I shared it on FB as well. Looks like a good book. Rebecca

  6. Ohhhh, pick me! pick me! I can guarantee that *none* of these other ladies need it as much as I do!!
    (Is this still only one entry? ... Oh well, off to share on FB ;) )

  7. this would be so motivating, wonderful!

  8. Would love any help I could get ;)

  9. As I had my devotions this morning it was about Mary and Martha and then I saw this. I think the Lord is trying to teach me something!!
    Shared on facebook as well.

  10. This would be wonderful to have since we are moving from a little house to a BIG house soon!


  11. Would love to read this! Thanks for the give away!

  12. I'm struggling with getting the house in order atm and could do with some help!


  13. looks very interesting and probably has some awesome tips!

  14. with eight of us in 1400 sq ft., I could use this book. share on fb
    homeschooling mom of six,

  15. Like the look of this a lot!!! :) xxxx Anna M

  16. This sounds like just what I need. I've been struggling with balancing taking care of and playing with our baby girl, settling into our new home (moved twice in 7 months), and trying to keep reasonably level-headed. -Amy

  17. It's my birthday and I would love to win this! Oh Please, please, please?!?!

  18. looks good.Mel.

  19. Shared on fb, Mel.

  20. Hope im not too late to enter! Just the thing i need. Sounds like a real motuvator :)