Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Give-away - Draw to Learn

I am simply thrilled to be offering this as the first give-away!

I have a child who does not love to write.  Drawing?  Now THAT'S a different story!  When asked to write something for school, I am asked "could I not DRAW it instead?"

So, when I was visiting my friend, Tami, and I saw this product in her house, I was completely and utterly excited!!  A Bible study programme that you get to DRAW your answers.

Ok, so there's a LITTLE writing, but it's mostly drawing!

I got the name of the curriculum, and looked it up.  Think, then, how pleased I was to find they did it as a DOWNLOADABLE product.

(If you don't home-school, you may wonder at my excitement.  Curriculum is often from America, which requires shipping.  Shipping is NOT cheap, especially for bulky products. Downloading is THE way to go!! Especially when you have several children who will use the product AND the product is multi-level!)

So, what is it?

Draw to learn is a Bible study programme, which encourages the child to think about what they have read and then draw it.  It's not simply a case of "read Psalm 1 and draw a picture of anything you like".  It's far more specific and directed than that.  It really has them carefully considering and studying the scripture portion.  They encourage many different drawing techniques as well, so developing Bible study and drawing techniques, too.

This is NOT just for home-school families. This would be a welcomed addition to the home of any Christian parent, who want to encourage their child to read the scriptures, think about what they are reading, AND draw pictures at the same time!

They include ideas of how to turn it all into more of a Unit Study - where you study lots of different subjects that are connected - such as science, writing, history and geography.

When you have the product, you can print off as often as you like, for use in your own family!

What's NOT to like?!

If you go to this page, you can then click on "view sample" and see some of the pages from the books. 

There are 5 titles available - Acts, Proverbs,  Psalms, Letters of Paul and Life of Jesus.

The winner will be able to choose which title they would like to download!

So, let's get the party started!  Who'd like to win "Draw to Learn"??

There are several ways to get an entry - PLEASE read these carefully, and remember to do exactly what it says in order to get them!

1) you can comment on the post - simple as that!
2) you can share about it on FB, and COME BACK TO COMMENT IN THE POST TO SAY YOU HAVE DONE SO.
3) you can share about it on your blog, and COME BACK TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST.

Let the commenting begin! You have until I get up tomorrow to comment, and then I will choose a winner using


  1. What a lovely week of give aways!!

    This is something new, and very useful, I've never heard of, so here's my entry!!

    Dawn MacK x

  2. I just liked, commented and shared, thank you X Leah B.

  3. Oh, yes please! Anna. x

  4. What a neat idea! I'd love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I shared on fb and twitter.

  6. Shared on facebook. What an innovative idea!

  7. Looks good, we borrowed a friends Draw, Write, Now for my first reluctant writer but would prefer this as it's Bible based.

  8. Love the look of this! I would love it!

  9. Just shared on FB!!

  10. Oh wow this sounds amazing. This is a novel ideal, I will certainly be telling others about it. I think this could be helpful even for a lot of adults! x

  11. This looks brilliant Caroline-we were talking about doing more art in 'school' this week-love getting recommendations from fellow homeschoolers! :)