Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Give-away - The Busy Home-school Mom's Guide to Daylight

First off, we have the 2 winners for yesterday's CD download!!

We have Susanna and Dawn as the recipients!!!

Now, to our final give-away!

I had been so looking forward to giving one of these books away, but I was waiting for them to be shipped to me, from Germany.

Today, I have a copy of "The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight", by Heidi St John, to give away!!!

I had the immense pleasure of having Heidi come to stay in our home, this March.  It was such an encouragement to me, at a time where I really needed it most.  God is amazing like that - He knows, and meets, our needs, when we hardly even realize what they are!

Heidi St John wrote this, her second book, to help Mum's to "get it all done".  And, boy, do we have a lot to get done in a day, especially with the busyness of home-schooling thrown into the mix. Heidi, as a mother of 7 herself, writes from the wealth of experience she has gleaned over the years.  She writes with both wit and wisdom, and you will find yourself both laughing out loud, and being challenged at the same time.

The book tackles 8 aspects of our "daylight" hours, covering topics ranging from laundry to free-time, organisation to those times of discouragement.  The book is so incredibly practical, whilst at the same time it is needfully spiritual. Heidi has us looking to the crucial issue of our hearts, in order to get to the "nuts and bolts" of every day living.

Does your home-schooling life need a zap of energy and enthusiasm?  (come on, whose DOESN'T??)  Then, this book is for you!  It will help you to free yourself from unrealistic expectations, and get your eyes fixed back on exactly what your goal should be.  Help with organizing those daylight hours IS at hand!

SO, roll up for your chance to win copy of this fantastic book!

As all the other days, the ways to enter are as follows....

1) you can comment on the post - simple as that!
3) you can share about it on your blog, and COME BACK TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST, *FOR ANOTHER ENTRY*
4) you can also tweet about it, and COME BACK AND TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!, *FOR ANOTHER ENTRY*

AND, I am happy to ship anywhere, so don't be put off entering if you are from further afield! :-)

Also, I now have some more copies of this book to sell, here in the UK, as well as Heidi's other book "The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance", and her journal.  They are all priced at £8 each, and if you wish to purchase them, please get in touch with me at  If there is a lot of interest, you may need to just wait while I get more shipped in.  Please email if you would be interested.

So, let the commenting begin!!! Last day to try!


  1. Woop woop, delighted about prize!! :-D

    Heidi's book sounds fabulous, but also great that there is a chance to purchase if we don't win.

    Thanks for the fun week,

    Dawn MacK x

  2. Me please! LOL Sounds like a book I need! ;-)

  3. I would love to win this book. :)

    Holly Truitt

  4. I shared on Facebook.

    Holly Truitt

  5. Yep - this sounds really good (though I hope she wouldn't have us working *all* daylight hours - remember where we live we have 'daylight' from around 4am until 11pm.....!!
    Great week, Caroline.
    A x

  6. Thanks for a fun week! Think you should do it again lol! Also I really like the new colours on your blog! Much love Anna x

  7. oooo excellent! Really pleased to have won. And that book looks fab too- if entering sin't being greedy!!! If not may need to buy one :)

  8. I could so use another source of help when it comes to getting things done in a day. Count me in! Sounds like a wonderful treat! You can find me at .

  9. Hope Im not too Late in entering, Really struggling at the mo so would be an encouragement if i was to be picked.
    Thanks for sharing.x

  10. count me in too! Any help and advice managing a home etc would be a great help to me! Many thanks for the opportunity. Caroline Love xx

  11. Pauline Gribben13 July 2012 at 14:41

    Sounds great Caroline! - always in need of a boost....thanks for sharing! Pauline Gribben xx

  12. FREE TIME! When I saw that, I just knew I had to enter! I would love a copy of this book! Thanks!

  13. oh this looks good!

  14. I haven't seen that book. It looks really good.