Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Stop and smell the roses"

One thing that I am absolutely loving in my garden, are the smells.

I have some amazing smelling plants, and to me, if it doesn't smell nice, it's not the prefect plant.

Roses that just look nice?  Not complete!  For me, they have to smell "like a rose" to be the real deal.  And, I have an absolutely GORGEOUS one at my front door.  Every time we walk in and out, the smell wafts through the door with us.  I can't help myself from stopping and taking in a deep intake of air, with my nose right inside the bloom, enjoying its amazing scent.  Some days I am in a rush as I go in and out the door, and I only catch a little of the lovely scent.  It's just a brief waft, but at least I get it.  Some days, I have no reason to go out the front door at all, and I don't get to enjoy the rose's beautiful scent.

My garden has also has jasmine and honeysuckle up the side of the house, and it's lovely to inhale the heady scent of those two flowers, as I take the rubbish to the bin, where the flowers are growing.  I have to make a special effort to get the smell from those flowers, as it's not a part of the garden that I am in much of the time.  Sometimes, a gentle breeze will blow, and I get to smell them where I am sitting in the garden.  

Lavender is another favourite.  In our old house we had swathes of it along the path that led to the front door.  As you brushed past, the smell would burst out, and linger on your clothes and in the air around the plants.  I have planted quite a few different varieties in the garden here.  Some more at the front door, which by the time next year comes will be giving the same effect as the ones at the old house.  I also have some in the back garden, which I enjoy as I sit outside.

One of my favourite finds has been my Vanilla Nemesia.  Any that know me well, will know that I ADORE vanilla.  I have scented candles aplenty, and I love adding it to baking.  Anything with vanilla is worth eating! So, when I found that there is a plant that has flowers that smell like vanilla, I HAD to get some.  Well, obviously I didn't HAVE to, but, you know how it is with gardening..... That is in a pretty little planter, right by my patio door.  It REALLY, REALLY smells like vanilla - it's amazing.  The flowers are incredibly pretty and delicate, too.

When I am going past, I sometimes cut some of these delightful flowers, and bring them into the kitchen.  Then, every time I come into the kitchen I get the same beautiful scent! The smell of honeysuckle and jasmine in the morning, is just lovely.

It reminds me of life.

"Stop, and smell the roses" is a phrase that reminds us that we need to take the time to stop and appreciate the everyday things of life.  The moments that can SO easily pass us by, if we don't stop and savour them.

Taking the time to play peek-a-boo with a baby who has just learnt to laugh.

Stopping to answer an inquisitive child's questions, when you were in the middle of doing something else.

Thanking your children for spontaneously helping to tidy when guests are due later.

Leaving the laundry for a few moments, to soothe a hurt child's woes.

Appreciating the funny little words and ways of a "saying new words every day" 2 year old.

Stopping in the middle of a busy morning, just to enjoy the sound of birdsong in the garden.

Making the time to stop for a cuddle - one of our family catchphrases is "there's always time for cuddles".

Spending some moments in spontaneous prayer, thanking the Lord for all the precious gifts that you have in your life.  Especially since we just don't know how long we have to enjoy these special things.

For me, taking photos of things is like cutting those flowers to enjoy them indoors.  You capture a memory, to enjoy it for longer than the few seconds that they initially lasted for.  

Sometimes we are having a day that is filled with "stinky" jobs - like me having to take the rubbish to the bin. But, God graciously gives us those moments to savour and enjoy, if we just stop to see them, in the midst of the bad times.

Stopping to "smell the roses"  throughout the day, is a way of "counting our blessings" in a tangible way.  Not just listing our blessings, but enjoying them as they happen.  With a heart full of gratitude for the abundance, and variety, that God provides us with EVERY SINGLE day.

Don't rush past the "roses" in your life.  Stop.  Drink in the "scent" and enjoy them as deeply as you can.  

More than all else - give thanks to the One who has given us "richly all things to enjoy".


  1. Too true - days rush by and those moments are gone forever. Don't look back with regret at the missed opportunities.

  2. Oh Yes So right!! :-) I too drink in the smell of our roses when they bloom,& the lavender etc. So often i get bogged down with the constant mess that accumulates and it does overwhelm me. But i do Thank the Lord for his goodness in providing such lovely smells to make us stop for that moment and in stopping for that moment can change my mind from feeling overwhelmed to feeling totally Blessed.

  3. The roses in my life have two arms and two feet. :-) I am learning, hard as it is, to hold them even when I am busy.

  4. i love the smell too, I go around smelling everything!!!