Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My little boy grows up....

It had to happen...eventually.

I had been putting it off.

First of all, I put it off until I had the new baby.

Simeon is now 11 weeks old....he's definitely here.

But, I still hadn't braved up to it.

Finally, Robert took the initiative, and just announced he was going to do it after dinner last night.



"Yes, I am cleaned up after dinner..."

"WHAT is this thing attached to a wire?"

"I do NOT like this thing that buzzes and is very near to my ears...."

"Actually, I have changed my mind....having all my family cheer and encourage is quite fun..."

"oooh, it actually feels quite nice...."

"Hi, daddy!"

"Just a little at the back left to do...."

"Oooh,  head feels a bit chilly - are you sure I look ok?"

"Of course I do....I am gorgeous, as ever!!!"


Elijah's curls are G.O.N.E.

I am a bit sad - he looks ever so grown up and ever so like Daniel!

But, such is life.  They DO grow up, and they can't be babies forever.

It's what I told Simeon whilst I cuddled him last night, after his big brother's hair cut.

But, he's still my baby for the moment....and has no hair that needs to be cut, so we are safe for a while!!

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